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“The United States and NATO run the risk of an armed confrontation with Russia”, warns Sergei Lavrov

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Wagner Group no longer ‘significantly’ involved in fighting in Ukraine, Pentagon says

“At this stage, we do not see Wagner’s forces participating significantly in combat operations in Ukraine”, Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder said during a press conference on Thursday. The United States believes that ” the majority “ Wagner Group fighters are still in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine, he said.

In late June, the paramilitary group Wagner, which played a key role in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, sought to overthrow the Russian military leadership in a flash revolt. Evgueni Prigojine, boss of the group, had argued that his uprising was not intended to overthrow power but to save Wagner from being dismantled by the Russian general staff, which he accuses of incompetence in the conflict in Ukraine.

The mutiny ended on the evening of June 24, with an agreement providing for the departure for Belarus of Mr. Prigojine. Its fighters have been offered by Russian President Vladimir Putin to join the regular troops, settle in Belarus or return to civilian life.

On Wednesday, the Russian army announced that it had received from the Wagner Group more than 2,000 pieces of military equipment, 2,500 tons of ammunition and 20,000 small arms. Mr. Prigojine had agreed to hand over the armaments of his men to the regular Russian troops after having given up on carrying out his armed insurrection.

Since the failure of this rebellion, rumors, unconfirmed in the context of the opacity of Russian power, also report reshuffles within the military command, in particular concerning General Sergei Surovikin, who has long been an ally of Wagner.

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