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The unions threaten to take forceful measures if the Executive does not summon them

by drbyos

Los guilds of Cipolletti expect a new salary offer and be summoned to a new meeting during this week. The guilds in the last encounter with the superintendent Claudio Di Tella They rejected the offer made by the Executive Power. Now They do not rule out initiating measures of force in case of not being summoned.

Before the lack of a response from the executive branch of Cipolletti the guilds begin to warn measures of force in municipal offices. ate and soyem They declared themselves in a state of mobilization and permanent assembly.

In a announcementthe guild Soyem reported that “having exhausted all administrative instances with the Executive Power, and not obtaining a response to the urgent requirement for salary recomposition of municipal workers, they resolved this Monday to decree a state of alert, mobilization and permanent assembly.”

Besides, The union announced that this Tuesday they will notify the Labor delegation and to the municipality the decision taken on Monday and will give a period of 72 hours to be summoned, If the call is not made, they will begin with the measures of force.

From ATE Cipolletti indicated that as of the early hours of Tuesday will begin with a progressive plan of force measures in all municipal officesand that the measure is the product of the permanent absence of responses by the local Executive to the different demands that the workers have been making.

from the union They warned that the municipality has been delaying the definition of the new agreement salary that is increasingly outdated as a result of rising inflation.

“Although they have convened joint tables, the responses are taking longer than the state pockets can expect,” he said. Jorge Núñez, general secretary of ATE Cipolletti.

On the other hand, the union demands that the resolution on the transfer to the plant be made effective of the 300 workers who took the last exam. The assistant secretary, Elio Vega, stated that “comrades are not given peace of mind and security as to when their long-awaited move to permanent plant will take place, since they have already waited more than seven years for this.”

Another of ATE’s requests to the Executive is that the recategorization project is carried out that was approved two weeks ago in the Deliberative Council of the city.

ATE pointed out that “they will not allow the executive to continue delaying the demands of the workers and thus adopting a highly provocative attitude for the current social climate”, for which reason he does not rule out deepen the fight in the coming days.

The four unions of Cipolletti seek to reach an agreement that benefits municipal workers

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