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The three best applications for caring for plants at home

by drbyos

Caring for plants may seem like a simple task to some and a challenge to others. Has it ever happened to you when you got home and one of these living organisms had brown leaves appear? The problem is that, many times, the instructions for caring for plants have been given by word of mouth and we did not have access to the necessary information.

But since we are not used to investigating the properties and needs of each plant, different developers saw an opportunity in this daily practice and created different Apps to guide us. These are the three most downloaded platforms.


This app is a perfect guide to growing and caring for plants, since it provides the necessary information that each of them requires for proper growth. From the type of irrigation, to how it is pruned, fertilized, propagated and the type of light the plant needs.

Besides, allows you to configure notifications to remember the irrigation schedules and other needs of more than 10,000 plants, flowers, succulents and trees. How? Blossom identifies the type of plant through an image that can be uploaded from the gallery.

On the other hand, the application also identifies plant diseases through an image and provides detailed information to deal with it. It also has a section on “Edible Garden” in which it provides an informative calendar to plan the planting of edible plants, depending on the season.

Free app available for IOS and Android


Perhaps one of the most used for its development with artificial intelligence. This app was created to identify different types of plants and provide information on how often they need to be watered so they don’t dry out or get sick. In this way, PlantIN offers:

Irrigation calculator: an option to determine the correct amount of water a plant needs.

Light meter: this tool calculates the correct lighting level by pointing the camera at the plant. Automatically, the application will answer whether to leave the plant in the place or relocate it to a darker or brighter place.

Attention notifications: The app will send notifications to users with reminders to provide information on the irrigation and fertilization needs of the plant. In addition, it also has weather notifications that can damage crops, flowers, plants, etc.

Attention with professionals: If you have very particular doubts, you can ask questions to the botanical expert of the application. It will provide detailed instructions, step-by-step guides, and helpful tips.
Free app available for IOS and Android

A plant

This application offers the possibility of having a growth diary of your plants and has the ability to identify more than 15,000 elements of nature.

To do this, it is necessary to take a photo of a tree, a fungus, an insect or a plant and the app will automatically provide detailed information.

Besides, allows to identify plant diseases and how to cure themprovides a plant care guide, watering schedule reminders, when to change your plant’s pot or adjust the amount of water and type of light it needs.

Free app available for IOS and Android

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