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The solidarity gesture of donating breast milk to Banco de Cutral Co fed 2,400 babies

by drbyos

In these seven years that the Human Milk Bank has been operating in Cutral Co allowed to pasteurize 2,400 liters that were destined for that same number of babies. The donated milk reached this pasteurization center thanks to the more than 2,500 mothers who jointly decided to share it with those babies who needed it from the neonatologies of the province.

He BLH was inaugurated in 2016 and since then it has not stopped growing. What is significant is that now, the team that works in the reception, collection and pasteurization process warned that there are current donors who have already done it previously. In this scenario, the role of community promoters and the different links involved in this chain is very important.

“Is a wonderful experience to be able to donate, it is gratifying, healing, this makes us think at the community level what we are doing with the care of our children, with the feeding of our children, and that gives us the food security that we ask for so much and that we can do it thanks to breastfeeding ”, said the pediatrician Alejandra Buiarevich, in charge of the BLH.

He did so at the ceremony that took place at the Gregorio Álvarez Cultural Center, where the anniversary was celebrated.

The doctor, in dialogue with RÍO NEGRO, explained that donating is always a «entire act of love because the mother delivers part of your product for another external one that is serious. It is the patient who waits for him, It is not what is left over (of milk), but it is pure solidarity: surrender this milk in order to save life.

From its start-up until now, the 3,800 liters of human milk collected and there are more than 2,500 donors.

«Each contribution is fundamental and the taste is different, It is multiplied and it is humble, because no one can arrogate and say: I did it. We did this, we congratulate ourselves, it gives us joy and hope and it is a great achievement”, pointed out the coordinator of the Provincial Human Milk Network, Martin Sapag.

Health Minister Andrea Peve with pediatricians Martín Sapag and Alejandra Buiarevich (Photo: Andrea Vazquez)

The next step for the BLH is to have its own building because the architectural project is already 10 years old, but the bricks are expected to be laid. Although the priority now is to finish the guard of the hospital of Medium Complexity -establishment where the Bank works- the greatest desire is to have adequate space. Today there is equipment in the hall.

If this space is available, it is expected to develop other projects such as research on human milk or the application of new technologies, the doctors reported.

At the ceremony, the Minister of Health, Andrea Peve, highlighted the work carried out in the province from the different sectors to strengthen health. «That infant mortality that was 115 per thousand live births and today is 4.8. Together with La Pampa and CABA, we are one of the provinces with the least infant mortality and That is a source of pride,” he stressed.

“This is a job that is strengthening day by day and there are many people who strengthen this task,” he said.

The BHL of Cutral Co celebrated 7 years (Photo: courtesy)

The main recipients of this pasteurized human milk are those children who are in intensive care, both in the public and private systems, according to the doctor’s prescriptions and according to the nutritional parameters they require.

The BLH is nourished by the donation that the mothers make and that are distributed in 52 collection nodes that are throughout the province. The impact that pasteurized human milk has on neonatal therapies is very high and allows reducing morbidity and mortality, especially in those who are extremely premature.

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