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the Sena Clan Foundation received $140 million from the province after the arrest of Emerenciano

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While Justice advances in the investigation into the femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski, the 28-year-old girl who has been missing since June 1 in Resistencia, another scandalous piece of information was known that once again splashes the governorship of Jorge Capitanich, who maintains a close relationship with the main accused Emerenciano Sena.

According to the official page of the Government of Chaco, the Sena Clan Foundation received $140 million from the state administration.

The information shows that during 2023, the foundation received these funds to build homes. It is about 25 million on average per month only for contracts paid by Banco del Chaco. The funds are multiplied during the previous years.

The official data has already been received by federal prosecutor Patricio Sabadini, who is investigating Emerenciano Sena and his wife Marcela Acuña for alleged money laundering. Last night he formally requested that the tax and banking secrecy of all the members of the group be lifted.

It is worth noting that the funds came from the provincial government to the Foundation that bears the name of Emerenciano’s father-in-law, Saul Acuña.

How is the case going?

An anthropologist and a forensic doctor arrived today from Córdoba to the city of Resistencia for appraise the remains bones found in the field of the Sena family, arrested for the femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski, disappeared since June 1,

Is about anthropologist Anahí Ginarte and forensic doctor Florencia Granton of the Institute of Forensic Medicine of that province after being summoned by the inspector Nelia Velázquezmember of the Special Prosecutor Team (EFE) formed for the case.

Investigative sources reported that The experts will hold a meeting with the EFE to determine the steps to follow and to internalize the details of the file.

The team was convened with the aim of establishing whether the bone remains found in the field of the Sena couple are human and if so, they belong to Cecilia, through a DNA test.

In this regard, the lawyer Juan Arreginbrand new representative of Gloria Romeromother of the victim, highlighted today that «the experience that the professionals of Córdoba have».

«It is fundamental (his work) because we understand that we are with bones in a raid and we have to rule out that they are not from animals and are human “he claimed.

Investigators are convinced that the young woman was murdered in the context of an “economic discussion” with her mother-in-law, the former candidate for mayor of Resistencia, Marcela Acuña, to whom the situation “got out of hand.”

Besides, Prosecutors suspect that while this occurred, the rest of the defendants and those who are in custody “actively collaborated” with her in the disappearance of the body.

The prosecutors arrived at this hypothesis after the testimonies of Patricia Acuña, sister of Marcela Acuña and her husband Ricardo Goyo, who testified as witnesses for three hours, and also due to the inquiries of the accused Gustavo Obregón and Fabiana González.

At the moment, the detainees in the case are: César Senawho is charged with the crime of triple aggravated homicide for the relationship, for the premeditated competition of two or more people and for having been carried out in a context of gender violence (femicide) as a co-author; Marcela Acuña and Emerenciano Sena, accused of aggravated homicide by the premeditated concurrence of two or more people as co-perpetrators.

And they are also detained Gustavo Melgarejo and Griselda Reinoso for the crime of aggravated homicide as a secondary participant; Gustavo Obregón for the crime of homicide aggravated by the premeditated contest of two or more people as a secondary participant; and Fabiana González for aggravated homicide as a necessary participant.

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