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The Regina mayor assured that he did not divert the funds that the Nation sent for works

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The mayor of Villa Regina, Marcelo Orazi, He took off the complaints made yesterday by one of the members of the Court of Accounts and confirmed that he never used public funds to pay salaries. And he maintained that in any case it will be the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office that will rule on whether there were irregularities.

Orazi spoke this morning with BLACK RIVER RADIOwhere he assured that the money is in a bank account and that its transfer to the national authorities has already been agreed since the work was never carried out.

Along these lines, he clarified that The original project proposed a remodeling work for 75 million, although only 37 million of that amount was transferred. Between twists and turns, the work never came to fruition, which is why Nación is now demanding the return of the money. The same happened with the 15 million sent to buy food for “indigent” people.

«It happened not only to us but also to other cities where the works were paralyzed because inflation rapidly exceeded the planned investments“, maintained the mayor who clarified that this money was never used for anything else.

Y He assured that neither of the two items were destined for another purpose. “We can’t use it for other things. I can’t make a gutter cord, I can’t change the destination of those funds. It was not used for the payment of salaries », he reiterated.

The mayor remarked that several projects that are being carried out will have the same fate, taking into account that the inflationary process prevented many companies from continuing with the development of the works that had been proposed at the beginning.

Complaint for use of funds

It should be remembered that yesterday the member of the Court of Accounts Domingo Vallejos, denounced that on several occasions the funds allocated by the Nation (37 from the Terminal and 15 for the purchase of food) they were diverted by the mayor for the payment of salaries.

«They were destined funds for a purpose that was not the original»denounced a member of the court and assured that the files have already been sent to the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office for an opinion on the situation that occurred in recent months, during the Orazi administration.

“It was not once but several times,” he denounced and added that part of that money was replaced but another is not known about the destination.

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