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The “pulling” between the sectors of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner grows

by drbyos

The closure of lists in Unión por la Patria continues to deepen. The statements of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner -against leaders of the wing of Alberto Fernández-, they continue to generate controversies and invoice passes between the different sectors of the ruling party. Three days after the closing of the registration of candidates, this is how the panorama remained.

The main source of conflict is found in the tusslings for spaces in the Buenos Aires payrolls and the alleged “failure to offer” by Alberto Fernández to Daniel Scioli.

In her last public appearance, Cristina Kirchner commented on details about the negotiations and launched strong criticism of the head of state and the Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz.

In response to these accusations, Tolosa Paz expressed her discomfort and rejection, highlighting his political career and denying that the discussion of the PASO is reduced to “military for the charges.” In addition, he highlighted his motivation to build this body together with Daniel Scioli.

«I spent more than 20 years of my political life in the militant, I gave my life, so wanting to deny those trajectories and putting ourselves in the simple place that the discussion of the PASO closed with two charges is in very bad taste»the official responded to the words of the vice president.

In tune, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero also came out with the top caps and denied any betrayal of Scioli. Besides, defended the decision to accept and listen to other voices at this political juncture.

For her part, Buenos Aires senator Teresa García supported the position of Kirchnerism and stated that “Tolosa Paz and Cafiero do not deserve the positions they hold”. In addition, he accused Albertism of occupying a space that corresponded to the ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioli.

Although the tension tried to diminish with the supportive gesture of Alberto Fernández towards Sergio Massa, the internal disputes in the ruling party leave clear signs of wounds that have not yet completely closed. The crossed accusations and the so-called “friendly fire” continue to generate uncertainty in the political panorama of the ruling party, in the face of the PASO.

In times where the consolidation of an “internal unity” is practically essential for the ruling party, which is facing a very complex election, the resolution of these disputes takes time to arrive and the scenarios become unpredictable.

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