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“The Province did not comply with the payment of the fortnightly”

by drbyos

Former Perla del Este workers They are making a protest because the Province only deposited a percentage of the amount they should receive for their fortnightly. That money had to reach their accounts through the Ministry of Production and Agribusiness, which promised to make up for the failure of the businessman in charge of the fishery, Carlos Matas, who refuses to cover the sums, alleging economic inconsistency.

“They only paid us $40,000, when the fortnightly prices range from $62,000 to $67,000. In the case of those who receive monthly the difference is greater, they did not deposit almost anything” andexplained Marcos Gutiérrez, the delegate representing the fishery within the Union of Food Industry Workers (STIA).

“We are insisting that they explain to us what is happening, but the provincial authorities do not show their faces. And with the company the situation remains the same, they did not send us the dismissal telegrams but the plant is closed. Now with our lawyer we demand the fortnightly falls. Since the firm has already anticipated that it will not comply, this will lead to litigation” the trade unionist added.

The truth is that, to claim for the money, The former workers decided to hold a protest at the San Antonio Oeste pier, where they will stay starring in a camp until they complete the payments owed to them.

“People are desperate. No one can meet their commitments and they continue to play with our need” sand lamented Gutiérrez.

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