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the PRO is ready and awaits the definition of the UCR

by drbyos

The PRO defined its candidates to be certified in the Bariloche elections led by Germán Vega for the Mayoralthough it will not be the definitive payroll because the decision of the UCR is expected to form the alliance of Together for Changewhich would also include the ARI.

The PRO formality It came to fruition last night when the deadline for closing the lists for the intern expired, according to Martina Lacour, an elected legislator and representative of the Light Blue and White list, who was the only one who officially presented herself.

A list was put together with the people who have been participating for more than a year in the Call for Citizen Participation”, Lacour told black river newspaper and said that now talks will start to determine if the Cambia Río Negro alliance is formed only with the ARI, which has already confirmed its inclusion, as occurred in the provincial elections, or if the UCR is also added, which in April accompanied Juntos Somos Río Negro.

When the alliance is formed, there could be shifts and modifications in the final list that will be presented on July 10 before the Municipal Electoral Board.

For now, the PRO is promoting Vega as a candidate for mayor, a leader who was part of the government of the radical Marcelo Cascón, as head of the office for the management of people with disabilities and later joined the Disability Council.

in recent times too the interest of the president of the CEB was mentioned, Carlos Aristeguito run for governor of the city, but officially did not appear in the internal PROalthough it is not ruled out that it could go for another force, even within the same alliance.

Aristegui was a candidate for mayor by force in 2015 and came in third place. In 2019 he mentioned it to him again among the leaders of the force, but he left the party and later returned.

The PRO list leads as a candidate to presiding over the Deliberative Council to the former director of Radio Nacional, Fernando Dalvit, and heads the Comptroller Court, the Peronist Estanislao Cazaux, which currently integrates the organization by the Frente de Todos and was seized by the PJ, by the sorismo sector.

The force that refers to Aníbal Tortoriello also has Ingrid Marinozzi, Enrique Saiz, María Cecilia Rodríguez and Juan Pablo Fernández for the Council. Also on the list is the former candidate for mayor for a neighborhood party, Ezequiel Ojeda and who until recently was a candidate for Milei’s party, the dentist Silvio Temis Pari, who left the force commanded in Río Negro by Ariel Rivero, annoyed by the approach of the libertarians to another local leader.

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