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the popular soccer video game comes with a new name

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For the first time in 30 years the popular soccer video game, FIFAwill reach all platforms with a new nameafter the failed attempt to renew the agreement with the International Federation of Association Football that allowed the use of that brand. It will now be renamed EA Sports Football Club (EA FC) and the release date would be in September of this year. Today there will be an official announcement.

This way, FIFA 23 was the last game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) with that name, although it is not ruled out that the saga continues with a new developer (see below). As is characteristic, the new edition will be accompanied by the year and can be found on devices like EA FC 24.

The good news for fans is that the company will maintain the official licenses of leagues, international competitions, teams, stadiums and players. This is one of the keys by which EA’s video game became the most popular in the segment, since there are others on the market that do not have the permits and use names, shields and designs that are not real.

As seen in one of the tweets EA Officials, Among the players chosen to illustrate the new edition are the Argentines Juan Román Riquelme and Enzo Fernández. . . . Also some historic players of the Brazilian national team like Ronaldinho and Pelé.

Like the latest installments, EA FC 24 is expected to hit all digital and physical stores this year in September. The day is not yet official but according to recent leaks it is estimated that it will be on Friday, September 29.

The developers will do a stream today in which they will reveal all the details of the new installment, with the first gameplay trailer which will show a video of what the gameplay and new features will be like. The release date will also be confirmed and everything that is known so far can be found on the official page.

FIFA: why the name of the popular video game changed

What happened between Electronic Arts and the soccer federation that led to the failed attempt to renew contact that allowed him to use that name is explained in a simple way: silver.

The last agreement that EA signed with FIFA for the rights to use the official brand of the organization was in 2012, for a period of a decade, and expired last year. According to market data, the soccer federation received revenues of about $150 million per year.

When they sat down to negotiate a new deal, FIFA’s request was almost to double that contract. The desire was to obtain income close to 300 million dollars annuallytaking into account that the extension of the contracts.

It is worth noting that the commercial agreements that involve the use of league licenses, competitions and everything related to teams, is parallel to the one that allowed the use of the name. EA decided to keep this part of the agreements and suspend the name.

Is the FIFA era in video games over?

The hard position that FIFA had when it came to renegotiating the rights to use the official brand with Electronic Arts also It was linked with the aim of releasing a video game of its own. President Gianni Infantino himself spoke publicly some time ago about this ambitious project and, although he confirmed that “they plan FIFA 25, 26, 27”, he did not give details about a 2024 edition.

The only thing that is known so far is that the intention of the international federation is to hire third-party studios and publishers. There is no company linked to this project yet.

Until there is new news about it, EA FC will be the only soccer game to have more than 300 license partners, although it is not known what will happen in the future. For now, it is presented as the best alternative for those who are rigorous when looking for experiences closer to a real simulation.

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