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the photo with which they try to calm the inmate and strengthen the campaign

by drbyos

The presidential candidate of the Union for the Homeland (UxP), Sergio Massa, will seek to put an end to the controversy that arose as a result of the closing of lists. Together with Daniel Scioli, they are starring today in a new chapter of the saga that began yesterday with Cristina Kirchner, dedicated to healing the wounds between them, at least outside doors. They are meeting at the Ministry of Economy.

The intern continued more turned on than ever. After the crossings that werewith strong accusations between Kirchnerism and Albertism due to the withdrawal of Daniel Scioli’s candidacy, It seems that the time has come to “calm the waters”.

In an attempt to grab the fire extinguisher and put out the internal, Massa is in talks with the ambassador in Brazil.

The host went down to the main door of the Palacio de Hacienda to receive the former governor of Buenos Aires, who last week declined his presidential aspiration to allow a unity ballot. «How are you dad?“Scioli managed to say before joining Massa in a hug. Quickly, they went up to the fifth floor of the building without answering questions from the journalists who were witnessing the greeting.

The embrace that will seek to iron out the political rough edges in Unión por la Patria. Photo Scope.

On the other hand, yesterday the Argentine ambassador in Brazil and now ex-candidate for President, Daniel Scioli unexpectedly arrived at the National Senate to hold a meeting with Cristina Kirchner.

As explained by the former president, the Minister of Economy will receive the ambassador in Brazil to dissolve tensions. In the post published by the vice president, she said that “She was very happy” when Scioli told her that “Massa is going to receive him to address issues related to the Argentina-Brazil bilateral relationship.”

The meeting was scheduled for 10:30 a.m. but it was delayed until after noon because the minister was holding a private meetingas reported from their environment.

Undoubtedly, the historical link between the leaders was characterized as “distant”, this meeting would be a positive gesture from Scioli towards Massa. It will be the first time they see each other face to face, after the ex-motonaut has been left out of the presidential race.

Sergio Massa, in campaign mode: “Unity and management”, the motto that seeks to install the candidate of the ruling party

Alberto Fernández met with his Cabinet after eight months of disagreements. Photo Courtesy.

“Unity and management” were the two axes that Massa began to militate with, along with his running mate, Agustín Rossi. Everything began to crystallize yesterday, when President Alberto Fernández, met with ministers and ministers in the Casa Rosada to convey a message of unity in the party after eight months of disagreements.

This meeting marked the beginning of efforts to order the inmate and overcome the tensions that arose after the speech by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who accused the president of having negotiated Scioli’s candidacy in exchange for places on the list for Cafiero and Victoria Tolosa Pazin the legislative campaign.

The meeting between portfolios was aimed at establishing internal order and restoring calm after Monday of tensions. During his speech with Luiz Inácio “Lula” Da Silva in Brazil, Fernández tried to defuse the controversy and mentioned Scioli several times, referring to him as “partner and friend.” and thanking him for putting aside his personal interests.

What is not known is what role Scioli will occupy. While he is expected to end “friendly fire,” The truth is that the ambassador was left out of all the electoral assembly and was one of the most active in the campaign.

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