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The owner of Sens summoned Calf to return the light meter

by drbyos

The owner of the premises that 20 years ago was “Las Palmas” demanded that the Calf cooperative that he restore the light meter that he took away on Friday for an intervention that the municipality made before the president of the cooperative, Marcelo Sevenini. The power outage at the premises occurred due to a request to revoke power from the city’s Undersecretary of Commerce, for not having a qualifying business license.

The document letter was sent today to the communitya in which Nicolás Vaamonde subscribed as a partner of the electric cooperative. He ordered the entity to return the electricity to continue the repairs and construction work at the First Settlers 2015 venue.

He explained that at the time the meter was withdrawn, the electric power bill was paid and that notwithstanding the fact that the place does not have commercial authorization to function as a dance venue, the business is not yet in operation.

In the letter in which he announced that if the meter is not returned, he will initiate legal action, Vaamone said that Calf cut off the light without allowing him the right to defense and before a request (which he described as abusive) for the revocation of the supplyor what the municipality raised.

Calf he took out the meter on Friday, cut off the power supply and left the the space in which the equipment goes. The pCourt order was made by the Undersecretary of Commerce, Gabriela Cagol because if well in 2022 enabled the businessman to start the procedureses and the light was lowered, as there were technical reports that raised the impossibility of commercial activity, it ruled that lthe commune is not going to enable it.

The place was also closed this week. The Misdemeanors judge Romina Doglioli carried out a preventive closure of the premises where Las Palmas worked. The action was taken before the business advertising for ticket sales for a show on Saturday, which was not authorized. He raised documentation problems for the extension of the commercial license and data contrary to securityd of the structure that emerged from the inspection that was carried out at the premises on Tuesday.

The mayor Mariano Gaido said that he would only answer for the technical problems that the premises have to get their license, when asked about the businessman’s proposal that there were interests in the municipality behind what he considered continuous obstacles to opening.

Sens seeks to install a gastronomic and dance venue in the same building where the Economics student Sergio Avalos disappeared 20 years ago, on June 14, 2003. The case is still open in the Neuquén federal court for disappearance of person and the family as complainant demands the arrest, among others, of the owner of the place that Vaamonde currently rents.

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