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the owner clarified his link with the band accused of fraud and assured that it opens on Saturday

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Sens, the new dance venue in Neuquén located where “Las Palmas” used to function and where Sergio Ávalos was last seen, is going through a dispute over its opening, which is threatened by the attempts of the municipal executive to back down with the project. Nicolás Vaamonde, its owner, assured that will open the bowling alley despite the impediments of the Municipality, in addition, he spoke with Diario RÍO NEGRO about his personal and work relationship with Mariano Medel, designated as a member of the gang Los Simuladores, accused of fraud. Is the famous DJ Fer Palacio coming this Saturday?

In what continues to be a dispute between the opening of the new dance venue Sens, where The “Las Palmas” bowling alley worked and the missing student Sergio Ávalo was last seenyes, and the attempts of the municipal Executive to back down With the project, its owner assured that the doors will open this Saturday the 8th with the presence of DJ Fer Palacio. “For now everything remains the same, I am trying to understand what is the justification of the Municipality and why do you want me not to open, “he said.

The disappearance of Sergio Ávalos 20 years ago in the place, when the bowling alley was called “Las Palmas”, it was the center of social controversy and part of the questions in the Deliberative Council, where the MPN proposed that the area be recategorized so that dance venues cannot function.

From the MPN they could not prohibit the opening, so the issue went to commission and they will look for it to be dealt with in the session this Thursday, July 6.

According to the municipality, the necessary procedures were not carried out at the Public Works Secretariat and the businessman does not have the pre-feasibility of land use for the development of commercial activity. “On the page of the municipality it says that the activity What I want to do is feasible and they tell me about plans that are out of date, but 95% of the city plans are not,” Vaamonde explained.

For this reason, the businessman assured that the opening still stands. In case the executive’s attempts to cancel the opening come to fruition, he commented that His adviser, Matías Morla (Mardona’s ex-lawyer and attorney), told him that he would present an appeal for amparo to open.

«Fer Palacio is aware of the situation and what he wants is what we all want, whatthat the resource is enabled or exited to be able to come” stated Vaamonde.

Las Palmas: clarifications on the link with the gang of fraudsters

When Nicolas Vaamonde decided to acquire what was Las Palmas to carry out his project for the dance venue Senshe did not hesitate to consult his personal friend and acquaintance of the night, Mariano Medel. Then came to light the accusations of fraud against the band in which they pointed out as a member, Los Simuladores.

Along with another man, Medel was accused of fraud whose maneuver was rent equipment that was used for operational tasks in Neuquén and then made it disappear. Vaamonde commented that, later, his friend and partner in the project (although he clarified that not legally) was accused of acquiring construction materials with the same maneuver. “Mariano told me that they finished it disassociating from the cause because there was nothing to link it“, he indicated.

“We have one friendship from 15 years ago and he is helping me a lot with everything, collaborating in the process”, Vaamonde told about his relationship with Medel. On the other hand, she claimed to have learned of the accusations from the media. «I do not know the private life of each one, what he told me (Medel) it is that there was nothing and therefore we were not in the cause»he highlighted.

The businessman pointed out that, regarding the accusations of the illegal acquisition of materials for Las Palmas, “there is the entire folder and invoices, from the first screw to the last one bought, and it is available to anyone who wants to see it“, he expressed. «Thank God I have been doing this for many years and I never had a court case for anything“, he finished.

Judicial sources reported that charges have not yet been filed and that once the hearing arrives, the official aspects of the investigation will be known.

Las Palmas: the Ávalos family does not agree with its reopening

The lawyer for the missing young family, Sergio Heredia, affirmed that They do not agree with the opening and that it is of a mafia overtone.

Sergio Ávalos was a young student who was studying Economics at the National University of Comahue in Neuquén and who was last seen on June 14, 2003, in the Las Palmas bowling alley. He advocatedfamily love had indicated that they are involved the owner of the bowling alleyand the security personnel, among police, military and civilian.

the bowling alley It was in operation until about three years ago and a year ago the renovations began for the new dance venue that will open on July 8 under the name “Sens”.

He June 14 marked the 20th anniversary of Sergio’s disappearance, «That this news of the opening occurs a few days after its commemoration is not random, It is a message even with a mafia tint“, assured the lawyer.

Heredia commented that the Ávalos family was aware of the opening of the emblematic bowling alley and affirmed they don’t agree. «The Palms It is a symbol of the most disastrous things that happen in democracy, We do not agree that the municipality allows its opening, “he said.

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