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the new owner of the premises requested a provisional authorization to open «Sens»

by drbyos

The owner of the dance hall that will seek to open on July 8 on Primeros Pobladores street delivered to the Neuquén municipality the certification of an architect on the structural conditions of the building and a certification before a notary, that the place where “Sens” is located, has no objections for the “danceable gastronomic»that he intends, as stated on the official website of the commune.

in what appears to be a race against time to get provisional clearance and open the doors for the show on Saturday, Nicolás Vaamonde He assured that “the idea is to solve things with the municipality, one always tries to do things well,” he said.

The secretary of Coordination and Infrastructure of the municipality, Alejandro Nicola, abounded in statements about the cadastral impossibility of opening a nightclub in the place where Vaamonde was remodeling the business for the reopening a year ago. There were press releases on Thursday and Friday with the same tenor and in the Deliberative, a report with the same characteristics was received when the MPN sought a favorable vote to change the nomenclature of the street where the business is located and establish by ordinance the prohibition of Sens in place.

«They are wrong with the use of the land. The cadastral nomenclature allows all uses, and among them, the party room, bars, coffee. When I started the paperwork, it was one of the first things I noticed: After the Council session (on Thursday), I re-entered the official website of the city and the place is still enabled for a danceable gastronomic licenseVaamonde said.

The businessman was referring to SITUN interactive system that the commune has for developers, surveyors and users interested in presentations of plans and other procedures.

The businessman assured thatToday delivered a certified copy by notary to the Undersecretary of Commerce, which receives the papers from Vaamonde months ago. «I delivered everything there, the environmental impacts that they requested, the reports by sound, fire safety, that of structures. The pre-feasibility thing now came up in statements, but it is not like that in the plans that the municipality reports, “he said.

He added that the company requested provisional authorization “as is given to any person who has all the paperwork in order” and that it also attached the technical report of the architect who certified the structural conditions of the building.

On the updated plans that were required from the Private Works officeinsisted that they are the same as 78. «That takes a while and we request that you give us a peremptory term to be able to present the plans according to the times of the professionals, while we are in a position to give us the provisional authorization in 4 days from now, “he insisted.

He said that the business license office had not made this request when he started all the paperwork.

He assured that they are in a position to hire the 150 people he needs to open on Saturday and that if they do not obtain the provisional license, they will seek the opening through an amparo. “The opening has been planned for more than two months, commitments are made, the artist DJ Palacio has a scheduled agenda.”

He maintained that the danceable gastronomic will open for one event a month, according to what he had planned. So far you have no license to do so. “The organization of the city does not seem bad to me, but so many inconveniences for a danceable gastronomic in Primeros Pobladores and they have no problems for one in the microcenter, it catches my attention,” she slipped in relation to the “Mood.”

The place allows the entry of about 1,400 people. The owner has already sold 2,300, while he assured that the premises have a capacity of 2,600. “The 2,300 that I said are commitments, on opening day no more than 1,465 people will enter, which is the allowed capacity,” he imitated.

Asked why it didn’t start an exception request for authorization As other businesses did in these years in which the place opened, he maintained that “that’s for bowling, I am not going to put a bowling alley but a gastronomy business with shows ».

Las Palmas: the ruling party did not include the project to avoid the activity of “Sens”

In the Deliberative, the ruling party did not include the Executive’s project to avoid nighttime recreational activity on the street where “Sens” is, even though last week with historic speed, he managed to bring the file to a vote in an ordinary session 24 hours after entering per ticket table.

Councilor Cecilia Maletti announced that he will demand tomorrow that the project be included, so that a Asunción Avalos, Sergio’s father, (the student who disappeared 20 years ago in June, at the premises) and to the family’s lawyers to express their position regarding the opening of the former Las Palmas. The Deliberative will enter a 2-week recess after Friday, and Thursday will be the last session before the suspension of activities.

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