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The name of the pipeline

by drbyos

Enrique Driussi DNI 12.638.127


As a citizen -and only a supporter of common sense-, I feel outraged when politicians appropriate public works that are paid for with the money of all Argentines, such as the gas pipeline that they called Néstor Kirchner.

It should be called NEUBA 3, since this 573 km section joins the NEUBA 1 and 2 gas pipelines. Why this name? Because they are pipelines that connect Neuquén with Buenos Aires.

The 1,267 km NEUBA I (built in 1970 and expanded in 1996) transports gas from the central Neuquén basin through the provinces of Río Negro, La Pampa and Buenos Aires, ending at the General Cherri Complex. The 1,598 km NEUBA 2 Pipeline (built in 1988 and expanded between 1996 and 2000) is the main distribution channel for Buenos Aires and the Greater Conurbano. Public works should not bear the name of any politician.

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