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The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo in Neuquén against the tourist tour in the Neuquén Command

by drbyos

The Human Rights organizations of Neuquén strongly rejected that the Army’s 6th Mountain Brigade Command be established as a landmark within the circuit of tourist attractions in the city.

“We reject this new attempt at reconciliation, human rights organizations We are strongly against it.”expressed in a statement that they led the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo branch Neuquen and they signed the Ceprodh, Zainuco, the Current of Human Rights Militants and the group for Memory and commitment to the Mothers and the 30,000.

The alert came up with official communiqués from the municipality in which it was spread that the tourist bus that covers coastal sectors, landmarks of the city such as the Torre de Talero or the viewpoints of Neuquénwould include in the circuit the visit to the Command as part of an agreement signed between the mayor Mariano Gaido and the command of the Army, of the Sixth Brigade.

The APDH Neuquén requested by note to the mayor who annulled the agreement, he reminded him of the rejection and the arguments put forward less than two years ago when it was sought to classify the Command as architectural heritage and insisted on the arguments that a place in which the Mothers learned why it was the only place to go after the kidnapping of their sons and daughters, since there the disappearance and extermination of young people from the region was decided, he could not be singled out by “officials who have no memory.”

The Mothers and the organizations today rejected the tourist tours of the headquarters of the Sixth Brigade and described it as a “new attempt at reconciliation.” “We are strongly against it. History is not erased!» they raised in a statement.

Speaking to BLACK RIVER Oscar Ragni, a member of the Current of Human Rights militants and father of the disappeared Oscar Ragni, asked “what mayor Gaido wants, He does not remember the Reinholds, he does not know the history of Neuquén, we do not know what he intends to do that in a tourist area, “he strongly criticized.

He maintained that «It would be interesting to tell the story” that occurred in Neuquén. «Gaido is from Neuquén and must know what happened in the Command, what was the Command: It was a center for the elimination of men and women, You cannot expose yourself to doing such a thing without telling the reality. This is something very delicate. Neuquen It has a history of Human Rights,” he said.

He added that postulating the Command as a tourist area and “a beautiful building of so many years, with the saber that I don’t know who used and the boots that belonged to this other swithout investigating what happened in the basement of the Command, we find it ridiculous and that it is intended to do something that is out of place ».

He insisted that the community chief “if he is from Neuquén and lived in Neuquén, he cannot ignore anything. And he must have advisors who can tell him what happened ».

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