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“The misfortune is not going to be erased easily”

by drbyos

The Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz, He referred to the statements of Cristina Kirchner in the framework of the negotiations for the closing of the lists. In an interview with journalist Jorge Rial on Radio 10, the official assured that the vice president “has a wrong reading of the role of building unity.”

Tolosa Paz, who has been mentioned in recent weeks as a candidate for national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires, referred to the treatment received by the vice president during internal party negotiations. She affirmed that, although she considers her an important figure within Peronism, andhe treatment received was painful and will not be easily erased from your memory.

«I continue to put both hands on fire for Cristina. ANDThe mistreatment that she had towards me yesterday will in any case be a pain that will not be easily erased, but I will continue working. No one erases my admiration for the person who had the enormous possibility of transforming the lives of millions of Argentines, together with Néstor Kirchner. Not even what she thinks of me,” said Tolosa Paz.

In turn, the Minister of Social Development reiterated her loyalty to the political project led by Cristina Kirchner, despite the dissatisfaction with the treatment received. «I resist the file. Go find what you want, from my early age I have defended and will continue to defend Cristina Kirchner, despite what she thinks of me. Because loyalty is with oneself to a political project“, he claimed.

In relation to Cristina Kirchner’s comments on the internal discussions in Unión por la Patria to define a unit list headed by Sergio Massa and Agustín Rossi, Tolosa Paz pointed out that the idea of ​​proposing an internal one in the province of Buenos Aires together with Daniel Scioli’s presidential candidacy had the objective of setting up structures in all the provinces to support the candidacy of the ambassador in Brazil.

«The truth is that many things happened with tremendous pain, tremendous disappointment, but we have the vocation to continue building, never because of charges but because we understand ourselves as part of a Peronism that wants to reflect its positions internally and when there is a synthesis, abide by the construction of that synthesis“said Tolosa Paz.

The minister also revealed how she received criticism from the vice president. «Cristina, when she wants to give sticks, actually gives shovels and yesterday I felt that she gave it to me. Cristina didn’t hit me with a stick, she hit me with a shovel“said the official. In addition, rejected the idea that political positions are defined by positions and he emphasized that his political participation is not driven by personal interests.

The comments made by Cristina Kirchner yesterday, when she shared an act with Sergio Massa, once again generated tensions within the party. These sayings only show the differences and the challenges in building unity in view of the upcoming elections.

«Do we have to downplay what happened? Ok yes, but not at any cost, Neither I nor Cafiero do politics for a position“, concluded the official.

Santiago Cafiero denied the betrayal of Daniel Scioli: “The intention was never to lower him from the STEP

The Argentine Foreign Minister, Santiago Cafiero, He came out to deny the accusations regarding the “betrayal” of the ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Scioliafter he was forced to decline his candidacy in the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries (PASO).

In an interview with journalist Jorge Fontevecchia, Cafiero ruled out any mistreatment by President Alberto Fernández and refused to discuss versions that “do not contribute anything.”

Given Scioli’s statements about the bad treatment received during the negotiations, the official assured that “It was never intended to lower it from the STEP”. In addition, he emphasized the friendship between the president and the ambassador, as well as the great appreciation that Scioli has both in the ruling party and in the opposition.

The Chancellor also stressed the importance of unity within Peronism and the need to listen to all voices. He affirmed that “the leaders of the space agreed to advance in a unity formula headed by Sergio Massa and Agustín Rossi.” He highlighted that political participation is useful and generates volume, but he also pointed out the importance of working together and without asking for anything in return.

To conclude, Coffee He called to put aside the discussions about what did not happen and focus on building a winning strategy for Peronism. He reinforced the importance of offering citizens a “government and development program that allows Argentina to advance.”

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