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The Metallica guitarist made his own coffee from Salvadoran farms

by drbyos

The famous guitarist of the thrash metal band Metallica, Kirk Hammett, is marketing Salvadoran coffee.

KHDK Electronics, the company that Hammet founded, has partnered with the specialized company Dark Matter Coffee to market a special limited edition drink, from El Salvador and with notes of apricot, praline, bourbon and spicy, under the name of “Ghoul Screamer ”.

The coffee comes from the Santa Petrona, Las Marías and Santa Bárbara farms, of the Bourbon and Pacas type. Sold as whole grain

On this company’s website, coffee is described as an expression that evokes the screams of an evil spirit, a common theme in these rock bands. The 12-ounce bag is $18 on the Dark Matter Coffee website. The bag’s artwork is by Daniel Kurz, with design by Jennifer Ferguson.

“Dark Matter Coffee ™ adheres to a philosophy in which quality coffees are based on traceability, innovation and responsibility (…) we have created direct alliances with farmers in El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico. These associations have grown to become a family, which allows us to directly obtain our beans from the plant to the cup”, the portal reads.

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