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The key sum charged on the last Friday of June

by drbyos

Domestic workersthat they meet registered and work by the hour, they must receive the first installment of the 2023 Christmas bonus until June 30as established in the Law employment contract. The second part of Supplementary annual salary is charged in Decemberas established.

In this opportunity, June 2023 has Friday the 30th as the last business dayso those domestic workers who have not yet received the first installment of the Christmas bonus can still receive it in the next few hours.

This share of aguinaldo 2023 for domestic workers must consider in its calculation the last raise awarded in Junewhich is estimated considering also the recent increases implemented for female workers in private homes since January of this current year.

Domestic workers: When will there be a new salary increase?

The last salary agreement in favor of the domestic workers signed on March 28when based on March revenues it was established the non-cumulative increase of 14% since April, another 7% in May and 6% in June.

Together with this agreement, the national portfolio of Job He reported that the sector will once again be summoned to discuss salaries only on July 25 in the Salary Commissions. That is, then, that a new percentage increase in salary and a new scale of increases per category can be expected from August.

It must be taken into account that those domestic employees who are hired by month, will receive the percentage of salary increase from June to the month in arrearsthat is to say with the salary they will receive during the first days of July.

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