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the greeting of a Chinese fan and the record against Australia

by drbyos

Lionel Messi was the center of attention in China. He broke a new personal record and was greeted by a Chinese fan who invaded the pitch.

The rosarino crack scored the fastest goal of his career after making it 1-0 against Australia at the minute of play.

The captain of the Argentine national team He scored a great goal within a minute of the friendly against Australia in Beijing and added a new record just after turning 36.

In the record of his career it will be that on June 15, 2023 in Beijing scored the fastest goal of his career at minute and 19 seconds.

Until today, Messi had converted a goal with Barcelona at two minutes and 7 seconds of the first half against Chelsea in 2018.

With the “albiceleste” shirt, the earliest had been against Nigeria at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil at two minutes and 26 seconds.

Video: a Chinese fan entered the field and greeted Lionel Messi

Again a fan entered the field to be close to Lionel Messi. It happened in the second half of the friendly between the Argentine National Team and Australia.

The Argentine captain was preparing to take a corner when he was surprised by the attitude of the fan who came running and hugged him.

Official television did not show the moment by protocol but the fact went viral on social networks.

After hugging Messithe fan ran to greet Dibu Martínezwho shook his hand.

With security running it, finally the Chinese fan dropped into one of the areas. He left the field arrested but with a huge smile.

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