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the fugitive, the grenade and the wake keep the Roca police in suspense

by drbyos

The Rio Negro police continue with the search for the son of Raúl “El Chula” Guiñez, a 29-year-old man who is suspected of murdering his 61-year-old father and his 21-year-old girlfriendin a bloody event that occurred yesterday afternoon in the western area of ​​Roca, in the Padre Alejandro Stefenelli neighborhood.

since yesterday afternoon the bodies of the two victims were found, the actions of the police have been incessant taking into account the rapid movements and unexpected reactions of the main suspect, “MG”who the investigators locate at the crime scene and who would have fired his weapon at his father and his girlfriend.

If you know that andThe young man escaped from the place after the double murder. And although the police carried out a search at his mother’s house, they could not find any trace of the subject who sought refuge in the house of some relatives.

The suspect returned to the scene late Friday night. He entered the home of an “acquaintance” and after threatening him that he was going to explode a grenade that he had in one of his hands, he escaped from the place with a vehicle. Renault Megane Champagne -dominio GWE 189- that this morning around 7:30 it was found abandoned in the town of Plottier. That is why in the last hours he also joined the personal search of the Neuquén police, which intensified the operations throughout the region.

The fugitive and “La Porteña”

the researchers They located the suspect in the double crime on the scene of the house on Carlos Gardel street at 600, yesterday afternoon. He was not alone but was accompanied by a young woman who is known as “La Porteña” and who has been in a relationship with “MG” for some time now.

After the theft of the vehicle At first it was thought that the two had escaped to the province of Neuquén to avoid the controls of the Rio Negro who already had him surrounded..

Moreover, according to police and judicial sources, this morning a police commission traveled that did not achieve major advances in the discovery of the fugitives but they made no further progress.

If you know that “La Porteña” has a long list of records in different types of crimes and an arrest warrant from the Federal Justice also weighs on her.

The wake and the grenade

although since last night the investigators were convinced that the couple had fled to Nequén, an unexpected phone call put the spotlight back on Roca. It is that the only suspect of having murdered “Chula” Guiñez contacted a close relative of the victim with whom he would have had a discussion for several minutes.

There he would have threatened them and told them that he was going to appear in the place where Guiñez’s remains will be veiled tomorrow to explode the grenade, the same one that he exhibited to his acquaintance, whose car he stole on Friday night, according to judicial sources.

Es That is why an operation is being put together so that, in the event that it occurs, they can stop it quickly and without provoking any other act of violence.. “He is a subject of extreme violence and he has already shown it in the event that occurred in Stefenelli,” confided a police source who questioned whether the only suspect actually traveled to Neuquén or if he stayed in Roca to carry out some kind of revenge. .

In the case he intervened prosecutor Belén Calarco and personnel from the Investigation Brigade and Regional Unit II, who closely follow the case that shocked the residents of Roca in the last hours.

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