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The Electoral Board defined the integration of the libertarian block in the Neuquén Deliberative

by drbyos

electoral justice rejected the challenge on gender grounds that sought to modify the conformation of the libertarian block elected as of December 10 in the city of Neuquén. He did not admit the legal recourse with which the member of the Comply list, Karina Rojo, sought to enter the Council.

After the ruling was known, a change in the date of delivery of the certificates to the elected officials was reported. The new electoral judge, Matías Nicolini, will preside over the proclamation of the new authorities that will assume office in December at 11:00 a.m. on July 7.

The act of delivering the certifications to those elected in the April 16 elections will be held at the Cine Teatro Español in this capital.

By an agreement signed on May 12 by the members Soledad Gennari, Alfredo Elosu Larumbe, Evaldo Moya, the electoral judge Alejandra Bozzzano, the attorney general José Ignacio Geréz and the electoral secretary Carlos Willhuber, the claim presented was declared “inadmissible”. Red.

The List Member Comply to Neuquén councilors, asked that the gender criteria be applied after the shifting of the candidacies on the list, after the candidate for mayor José Luis Artaza ranked first on the list of councilors. Rojo recalled a rearrangement that the Electoral Board proposed in 2019 to coordinate gender alternation in the places on the list. With this criterion, the first male councilor moved to second place and there was a rearrangement of councilors. As a consequence of the new ordinance, a male councilor would be left out and Rojo would gain entry.

But the Electoral Board reminded him that the rulings of this instance are final. It was the first reason to declare the proposal inadmissible. The second was to consider that the there was no lack of gender perspective because the lists were prepared with the alternation provided by law. They added that 2019 the board had other members and, situations similar to those of the Comply list, had occurred in the shifting of lists when the candidates for the mayorship made use of the option for the bench of councilors after failing to reach the Executive.

In this way, it was confirmed that the CUMPLIR bloc elected to assume the seats on December 10 will be made up of José Luis Artaza, Joaquín Eguía, Cintia Merino and Julián Romero. The list will then enter the Deliberative under another name, as anticipated, because the libertarians Artaza, Eguía and Merino distanced themselves from the sector that holds the party, whose president is Julián Romero.

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