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the dramatic vigil of the residents of the Neuquén river in Cipolletti

by drbyos

The arrival of the rain triggered the need for the municipalities of the Confluencia and the Alto Valle prepare for the imminent flooding of the Neuquén and Negro rivers, which has an impact on cities. In Cipolletti, the municipality claims to be providing assistance to people who need resources to cope with this situation, but the story of the neighbors is different:

Since the beginning of the storm, the residents of the Cipolletti waterfront have suffered the consequences of the flooding of the Neuquén River. Water enters their homes and the rupture of a main pipe further complicates the situation.

“The water has risen several meters and will continue to grow. There is no control by the municipality. Civil Defense comes, tours the area but does not get out of the vanswe are worried,” said Rodrigo Jara, a resident of the Costa Norte neighborhood, in dialogue with Diario BLACK RIVER.

In addition, the inhabitants of the area report that the water enters their homes. They were assured that the rupture in the master pipe will be fixed tomorrow, but they are not certain about this. «Since last night we have been vigilant with the neighbors, they all come and go. The water comes to the houses» Rodrigo said.

What are the actions that the municipality is carrying out?

Meanwhile, the municipality of Cipolletti prepares a center for evacuees. From the Secretary of Human Development and Community Promotion they explained that the Municipal Stadium of United Nations street was prepared to receive the families that must be evacuated. The San Martín Club, located on Chile and Manuel Estrada streets, also provided its facilities preventively. In total there are 67 beds.

Costa Norte neighborhood of Cipolletti affected by the flooding of the Neuquén river. Photo: Florence Jump

In addition, the centers are prepared with different resources, including hygiene items, food, and blankets. From the Cipolletti hospital, an assistance and protocol operation was coordinated for the people who arrive during the day.

“On Thursday the secretariat began to solve the consequences of the rain. Until Sunday, 29 families were attended, for the moment the assistance is maintained in the neighborhoods through the Community Promotion Centers, ”he said. youThey are also providing care to people who are on the streets, in these cases they offer accommodation and food.

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