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the details and announcements for the city

by drbyos

The Minister of Public Works of the Nation, Gabriel Katopodis, visited the Rio Negro capital and held a meeting with Mayor Pedro Pesatti. Prior to this invitation, the national official inaugurated the meteorological radar in Las Grutas and was accompanied by Governor Arabela Carreras who did not participate in Viedma’s agenda.

A press conference was held, which led to the signs an agreement for 674 million pesos for works in the city.

In this regard, it was detailed that they are funds from the Transport Infrastructure, Mobility and Accessibility Program. It will allow you to run the last stretch of Juan Domingo Perón avenue, which includes resurfacing and widening for 261 million pesos and lighting for 52 million more. They estimated that the call for bids will be made on July 21.

Viedma also received from Katopodis the Technical No Objection sent by the National Secretariat of Public Workswhich will allow the initiation of administrative processes to call for public bidding within the framework of the pavement for 150 blocks.

In this sense, it was confirmed that the second stage, which includes 50 blocks and an investment of 361 million pesos.

The agreement signed by Katopodis and Pesatti. Photo: Marcelo Ochoa

The delegation was also made up of the Minister of Justice of the Nation, Martín Soriathe Secretary of Public Works of the Nation, Carlos Rodríguez, the Chief of Staff of Viedma, Marcos Castro, and the Secretary of Public Works of the city, Gastón Renda.

“These works improves the quality of life of residentsand incidentally we give work to the construction sector, affirmed Pesatti who highlighted the presence of the National State and its public policies.

He added that “Katopodis allowed us to start the construction of the first two-way street in the city, Avenida Perón, whose last stage we are going to tender on July 21” and that “it is a key integration project for Viedma, as is the construction of the Child Development Center in one of the most populous neighborhoods of Viedma, for our childhoods, the integral development of the Ituzaingó boulevard in the section shared by the Zatti and Santa Clara neighborhoods, the paving of which we will begin next week”.

Katopodis, in tune with the Viedma community chief, said that “we can be in one sidewalk or the other, We can have different projects, but it is politics and the State that must be at the forefront of decisions.

Pesatti allowed Soria to speak, who reviewed the Nation’s investment in recent times “of the 126 works for Río Negro for 50,000 million pesos.”

Soria praised the management of Mayor Pesatti. Photo: Marcelo Ochoa

TAlso, there was praise for the mayor of Viedma by the Minister of Justice who stressed that he observed “a transformation” in Viedma. Soria congratulated Pesatti and stated that “it is a pride to accompany the mayor in these works.”

After the press conference, Katopodis and Pesatti toured different works that are carried out with national funds which included the Child Development Center, located at one of the entrances to the Lavalle neighborhood and which already has more than 85% progress.

The delegation passed through Avenida Presidente Perón, and visited the works of the North Basin Storm Drain Pipe, Elevator Station and Municipal Shelter.

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