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the criticism of the family of Facundo Castillo after hearing the sentence

by drbyos

This Friday ended trial for the crime of Facundo Castillo y the penalty was known that the only defendant in the case must face, Ramiro Gutierrez. could receive between 8 and 22 years in prison and the decision was sentence him to 12 years. This upset the victim’s family, who testified after the hearing.

Emiliano, the brother of Facundo Castillo, criticized the sentence and assured that it was not the amount they expected. «Obviously it was not what we expected, I think that as a society this is an example, every day we grab the newspapers and we see that things happen again. The detainees come out again and do the same thing again.“, he claimed.

And he assured that Gutiérrez will be free before the established date. “The consequences are this, I know that Gutiérrez in three or four years will be free and will commit an act like the one he did. I want it to be recorded that I am going to accompany the next victim of Gutiérrez,” she added.

In addition, he pointed out that justice is responsible and questioned whether the minimum sentence has been set in this jury trial. «Justice causes this, that there is no consequence of anything, he killed my brother who was 29 years old, and wanted to kill five more people. I don’t know why the 12 years if the simple homicide goes from 8 to 25 years », he criticized.

Emiliano argued that the penalty they were asking for “was justified” and ruled that “justice is failing in our society«. During her statement, she regretted Merlo’s decision and talked about his upcoming Father’s Day. «I want Guillermo Merlo to be known, judges who make decisions like this. Sunday is Father’s Day and I’m not going to think about Ramiro (Gutiérrez), I’m going to think about the judge that made us spend a shitty weekend again, “he said.

He also asked for a change in society in the face of this type of event: “As a society we have to review the position of justice, what is failing.” In addition, he related the decisions to an alleged relationship with drug trafficking, “we have to demand that he is not representing usrepresents drug trafficking and robbery,” he said.

He repeated that the sentence does not reflect a consequence for the death of Facundo. «Killing a person has no consequences, as a society we have to ask ourselves if it is worth it. People go out and do the same thing again,” she said.

The support of society in the case of Facundo Castillo

Emiliano thanked the family for the support they received throughout the trial. «We got to where we got because of the people and the media that accompanied us“, said. And he maintained what was the reason why he believes that he had so much support from society. “I said it from the beginning, many people came because society is tiredthey saw themselves represented in a son or a brother that can be found with a guy like this, it could have been a son of yours, “he said.

He also spoke about the position of the Facundo family throughout the judicial process. «On our side there was always respect, we are this part of society that still remains, we have to work as a society to change this“, he raised.

Ramiro Gutiérrez was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the murder of Facundo Castillo

The trial began on Monday, May 8, after six days of great intensity in which more than 40 witness statements. The accused Ramiro Gutiérrez was found guilty of the murder of Facundo and five attempted murders. He was tried by a popular jury in room 6 of the Cipolletti courts.

Last Wednesday, the cessation hearing was held to set the defendant’s sentence. The complaint, in charge of Juan Manuel Coto, listed a series of aggravating factors that led him to demand almost the maximum of the criminal scale. Lawyer requested 22 years in prison for Gutiérrez.

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