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The CCIFM publishes its training catalog

by drbyos

It is strengthening its support for businesses. Twenty years of presence in the country, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Madagascar, CCIFM, continues and strengthens its support for member companies. “The 2023 vocational training catalog”, was exposed last week to companies. Since its creation to date, the CCIFM has remained in the perspective of contributing to the development of its member companies by expanding its services day by day. Leadership, management, personal development, professional efficiency, safety, hygiene, marketing, commercial functions, communication, finance, management, accounting, office computing, logistics and international trade, standards and human resources… In this context, the support and support from the CCIFM for the benefit of companies is not limited to networking, networking and business opportunities, but affects as much those who support a company. Also, the objective is to make access to professional training simple and easy, for all sectors of activity.

Free of charge

Finally, the CCIFM sees training as a means of securing the career paths of each company”. These accompaniments are free of charge. On a more general level, the CCIFM is a non-profit association under Malagasy law, whose main mission is to bring together the French and Malagasy business communities in the same project. This year 2023, the CCIFM is celebrating its 20th anniversary by organizing several events including the “month of women”, the 20th anniversary gala evening held in March. For the future, other activities are still planned until the end of the year. The CCIFM is one of one hundred and twenty-six Chambers of Commerce and Industry France International (CCIFI) qualified as the leading French private business network in 95 countries around the world. 20 years at the service of the economy of Madagascar, the CCIFM serves nearly four hundred member companies under two components. The first is to support companies wishing to establish themselves or develop their activities in partner countries, particularly in France, and to contribute to the development of business flows between Madagascar and the ninety-six partner countries. The second component aims to guarantee the strengthening of links between member companies and even to contribute to the development of each company by the organization of professional training.

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