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the Budget Committee ruled on the project on patient safety

by drbyos

The initiative that establishes a Health and Patient Safety Regime called “Nicolas Law” (in homage to a young man who died due to a malpractice) establishes the “legal and institutional framework for the exercise of the right to safe health care , and that respects the dignity of human beings”.

The Budget and Finance Committee, chaired by the deputy, Carlos Heller (FdT) advanced with the opinion of a series of projects, among them, the consensual project of the deputies Mónica Macha (FdT) and Fabio Quetglas (UCR) on quality and safety of health care.

In this sense, the president of the Commission that did not have speakers, Deputy Heller, explained that the “seven projects obtained unanimous opinions in the rest of the commissions and today was a good opportunity to complete the commission process and then be dealt with in the room when the authorities order it. “We have talked with deputies and deputies taking into account the unanimity of the previous office, there will be no speakers on this day,” he completed.

In turn, the deputies ruled on the project for the Creation of Fisheries Traceability – whose promoters are the legislators Carlos Selva (FdT) and Ximena García (UCR). The initiative guarantees “fair competition conditions in the trade of fishery products, both for the internal and external markets within the framework of generating sustainable production over time through product traceability.”

In addition, the Commission advanced with the bill that would transfer, free of charge, to the National University of the Center of the province of Buenos Aires, the domain and rights and actions that the National Council of Education owns of the property Ex Colonia Manuel Belgrano, of the city ​​of Tandil, province of Buenos Aires.

Likewise, the bill declaring the complex called Monte Calvario, located in the city of Tandil, province of Buenos Aires, was declared a National Historical Monument. At the same time, they approved the projects that declare a National Historic Site to the house where the artist and writer Susana Esther Soba lived, located in Saladillo, province of Buenos Aires; National cultural and historical monument to the Pexoa Bridge, located in the municipality of Riachuelo, province of Corrientes; and to the National Historical Urban Area to Pasaje Verna, located in the capital city of the province of Córdoba.

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