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The best memes left by the award ceremony

by drbyos

They were delivered last night Martín Fierro Awards 2023. Big Brother won the Martín Fierro de Oro and Telefe was the big winner of the Aptra night. As with every event of this nature, the Social networks were filled with memes.

The ceremony was led by Santiago del Moro. Thus, Argentine television had its award night, which took place at the Hilton Hotel in Puerto Maderofirst with the red carpet and then with the award ceremony.

at the gala There were several tributes, including one very heartfelt towards Antonio Gasalla. The 60 years of “Controversy in the bar” were also remembered, there was a inevitable recognition to the Argentine National Team and Susana Giménez was honored for her career. In addition, the traditional obituary took place at the Martín Fierro family with those who died last year.

On the other hand, as he had advanced in various interviews, Jey Mammon, denounced last March for sexual abuse, was present at the ceremony where he was nominated for “La peña de Morfi”.

Finally Mammon did not win on his list. Her presence went unnoticed and it was not captured by the cameras that covered the gala, although the photos showed that sitting down at his table, most of the members of his show stood up and they left.

Martín Fierro Awards 2023: the best memes

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