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The actress Marcela Ruiz, known for Chiquititas and Los Simuladores, died

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The actress and director Marcela Ruizowner of a Extensive career in film, television and theater and remembered for her work in popular programs such as “Chiquititas” and “Los simuladores”, she died on Saturday at the age of 79, the Argentine Association of Actors reported this afternoon in a statement.

“It is with great pain that we bid farewell to actress Marcela Ruiz, who led an outstanding career in television, film and theater. We accompany their relatives and loved ones in this moment of sadness”, expresses the text published by the association on social networks.

Marcela Ruiz was born on December 15, 1943 in the city of Rosario, He studied at the Municipal School of Dramatic Art, at the Di Tella Institute and at the Larrechea Dance School in Rosario, and later moved to Buenos Aires.

He took classes with great teachers like Carlos Gandolfo, Joy Morris and Roberto Villanueva and completed his artistic training in different areas such as direction, lighting, makeup and set design.

His last job was in the series “María Marta, el crimen del country”, which was seen on the HBO platform. Max and in which she played one of María Marta García Belsunce’s friends.

“Perla Negra”, “Antonella”, “Gasoleros”, “Chiquititas”, “Rincón de luz”, some of the programs where Marcela Ruiz worked.

Throughout his life he acted in television hits such as “Black Pearl”, “Antonella”, “Gasoleros”, “Chiquititas”, “Rincón de luz”, “Celeste siempre Celeste”, “Compromiso”, “Floricienta”, “Married with children”, “Primicias”, “Desperate housewives” and “El capo”, among many others.

He co-starred in the episode “Los impresentables”, from “Los Simuladores”, one of the fan favorites of the project created and directed by Damián Szifrón.

He also had a great experience in cine and participated in films such as “I am alone”, “The bottom of the sea”, “Revenge of a friend”, “It happened in the boarding school” and “Women’s Correctional Facility”.

In theater performed in works such as “We who love each other so much”, “The visitors of Fish”, “Los guños de Dios”, “Morocho y argentino” and “Fiesta de casamiento”, among many others.

She also developed as a theater directorl, category in which he presented the pieces “Nunca más una mujer sola” and “El inmortal de la luz”.

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