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The 12 jobs that will be most in demand in the second half of 2023

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the world of work is one of the first sounding boards every time humanity is shaken by an unexpected event of global scope or by an innovation that modifies human relations, and the ways of producing or exchanging.

It has happened throughout history at times when a natural, political and social event has disrupted the foundations of the global economic system. Examples of this are the French Revolution or the World Wars. Also before the irruption of a new technology that produces a radical transformation in the levels of efficiency and productivity. It happened before the discovery of the wheel, electricity or the internet.

Las sequelae that the post-pandemic left us in relation to the change in labor relationsand the abrupt emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that traverses an infinity of tasks and trades, are the most recent examples of this dynamic.

Opportunity or threat. The irruption of artificial intelligence puts thousands of jobs in check.

Every time a historical moment like this presents itself, different fears begin to lurk. One of the most important is the possibility of hundreds, thousands and millions of jobs disappearing in the hands of new technologies. In this sense, and given the current scenario of dizzying innovation, the year 2023 is no exception.

The Randstad consultancy, a global leader in human resources services, carried out a study in which it reports on those new jobs that will be a trend in the second half of the year. The list is based on consulting Randstad’s talent management and recruitment specialists, lists the 12 positions that will have high labor demand in Argentina during the second semester of 2023.

“There are positions that stand out because they are new and are gaining ground in more and more organizations, such as analytics and data science profiles, or user experience profiles”

Andrea Ávila, CEO of Randstad for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

About Andrea Ávila, CEO of Randstad for Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, stated that although there is a scenario of profound changes and the country is experiencing a particular year in political matters, the labor market is firm in Argentina. “Even with the uncertainty due to the evolution of the macroeconomy and the elections, the labor market shows no signs of deteriorationmaintaining a sustained demand in line with the levels of economic activity,” he said.

He added that the new positions are related to new needs that begin to have a correlation in the labor demand of companies. “There are positions that they stand out because they are new and are gaining ground in more and more organizationssuch as the profiles of analytics and data science, or those of user experience”, highlighted Ávila.

The 12 most sought after positions in the second half of 2023

Below is a review of the twelve job positions that will be in greater demand in Argentina during the second half of this year.

1. Cybersecurity Expert

The increase in cases of hacking and theft of information and other security incidents has strongly increased the labor demand for profiles specialized in information security. Professionals with a very high technical specialization are required who have the responsibility of protecting the infrastructure and data of organizations, as well as dealing with and responding to incidents.

2. Nursing Professionals

A position that gained enormous visibility with the pandemic, and that has historically been in high demand. In 2023 there is still a great demand, in some cases unsatisfied due to a shortage of talent, and professions to fill positions of advanced practice nurse (APN), nurse specialist (EE) or nurse case manager (EGC).

3. Specialized operators

The industry shows high levels of activity in Argentina, despite the widespread economic crisis. Within this framework, the demand for specialized operators for different areas continues to rise throughout the country, both to cover positions in production, supply and maintenance, as well as in safety and hygiene, logistics and quality.

4. Specialist in Data Science and Business Intelligence

The availability of data has increased both in volume and quality, which implies the digitization of business processes. The processing and analysis of data allows companies to know more and more about their business and their customers. It is for this reason that the demand for specific profiles such as data analyst, data engineer and data scientist are on the rise.

5. User Experience/Interface (UX/UI) Expert

Connecting the user with a product and achieving their satisfaction is essential in the post-pandemic world. The usability expert has become essential for the digital environment, both with the product or service purchased and with the shopping experience. For this reason, the UX/UI expert is a job profile that has experienced tremendous growth and continues to be among the most sought-after on the market.

6. Marketing Digital

With the massive emergence of e-commerce in the midst of the pandemic, many companies that had not yet turned to digital environments were forced to land in the online ecosystem, demanding professionals with specific training in this field. Therefore, there continues to be a sustained labor demand for different profiles aimed at planning and executing the digital strategies of companies.

Logistics. A position that has become essential given the growth of e-commerce.

7. Project Manager

The projects of organizations are increasingly complex and this is added to the advance of collaborative and interdependent work, and the continuous growth of remote work teams. Project management is essential. These are analytical profiles that are responsible for coordinating the work of the project teams to meet the objectives set.

8. Customer Service Representative

Regardless of the type of channel that each organization chooses (face-to-face or virtual), it is key to respond to customer demands. These are positions in which empathy, a vocation for service and a good development of soft skills such as listening skills and problem solving are valued.

9. Specialized Technicians

Whether in industry or services, and despite the advancement of new profiles linked to technology, there is still a huge demand for traditional technical profiles, mainly mechanical, electrical and electromechanical, to fulfill functions in the areas of production, maintenance, security and hygiene, pre and post sale, and supply.

10. Shipping and Logistics Manager

The direct counterpart of the massification of e-commerce and the digital economy is having adequate logistics and distribution channels. That is why the demand for personnel specialized in shipping and logistics is growing to manage their storage, dispatch and distribution processes of the goods sold through the different channels and platforms.

11. Account Executive

Commercial management and the promotion of sales continue to be neuralgic points to ensure positive results. In this regard, positions such as account executives, sales executives or key account executives have a sustained demand due to the need to boost sales and customer acquisition, management, satisfaction and retention.

12. Front-end and back-end developer

In a world in which digitization is a transversal trend in all areas of the economy and production, developers of applications and systems are highly sought after, both those specialized in “front-end” and “back-end”. These are positions in which the shortage of talent prevails, which does not allow filling all the vacancies that the market requires.

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