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TENNIS-CIRCUIT ITF JUNIOR -Mirija Andriantefihasina et Yash Bahalkar champions du double

by drbyos

A great performance for the young Mirija Andriantefihasina from Brazzaville. Having participated in the ITF junior J30 circuit in Congo Brazzaville from June 12-17 on clay, the duo formed by the young Malagasy Mirija Andriantefihasina with his partner, the Briton Yash Bahalkar, was crowned by winning the doubles title in 2 sets 6 /4 6/3. Mirija Andriantefihasina and Yash Bahalkar didn’t have too much trouble getting rid of their two adversaries, the Indian Prakaash Sarran and the Dutchman Laurence Teunissen despite the good resistance of the two vice-champions. “It is true that the level of the J30 in Brazzaville is still relatively low compared to the other J30s in Pretoria, Nairobi or those played in the countries of North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt) but it It is an important confidence capital to gain for Mirija. Congratulations to him and to Zarah Razafimahatratra who is currently training him. At 14, Mirija started earning valuable points in Brazzaville on the world junior circuit. This performance will considerably motivate him for the rest of his 2023 season, ”says Dina Razafimahatratra, technical consultant to the Malagasy tennis federation. Deprived of the first round, Mirija Andriantefifasina and her British friend fought hard to dismiss the duo formed by the Congolese Michael Bolidard with the Chinese Zhan Hang Ye in 2 very disputed sets 7/6 (5) 7/6 (0). In the semi-final, the future winners of the doubles Mirija Andriantefihasina and Yash Bahalkar swept in 2 sets 6/0 6/2 the two Congolese Eternité Kalonji and his friend Johan Mapuard Mabele. In singles, Mirija Andriantefihasina, seed number 4 also played the final but he was outclassed by the American Juan Pablo Portilla Morales, seed number 2, older than him (17 years old) in 2 sets 4/6 3/6. A beautiful course which announces a beautiful tennis future on the condition of integrating a renowned academy to accompany him to improve even more. Alfa Mirija.

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