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TELMA COUPE DE MADAGASCAR – Most OPL clubs play at home

by drbyos

On to the final phase. The orange Pro League clubs will compete from the round of 16 at the Madagascar Cup. Most of them will play at home. “We have established the schedule of matches according to the proximity of the teams that will face each other. We cannot yet do it by drawing lots… It will be from the quarter-finals that we will proceed in this way, ”explains Helly Zafinimanga, competition manager within the federation. Two OPL clubs from the capital will host their home game on Saturday 24 June. Uscafoot will host FC Rouge of Analamanga, CFFA will meet Net Foot of Analamanga and Elgeco Plus will play against Kinga Sport of Analamanga. The Majungese club Tsaramandroso formation will be opposed to FCKB de Boeny in Mahajanga. 3FB will face a Tulear club, AS Comato in Toliara. On Sunday, June 25, ASA de Diana will play in Ambanja against FC Landric de Sava, Disciples FC will receive Fomela from Matsiatra-ambony in Antsirabe and in Fenoarivo-atsinanana, Tia Kitra FC will meet FC Mahavatsy from Analanjirofo. The OPL clubs, still in contention for the second leg semi-finals this weekend, will play their match next week. Five matches are scheduled for Wednesday, June 28. In Antananarivo, AS Fanalamanga of Alaotra-Mangoro will face CFFA Espoir of Analamanga and Cosfa will play against EFFCA MI 20 FC of Analamanga. In Mahajanga, Fosa Juniors FC will host Analamanga FFAM. In Manakara, Dato FC will receive Réseaux Fort V7V. And on Friday June 30 in Tsiroanomandidy, Ajesaia will receive the US Pro from Analamanga. Among the OPL clubs that will play away, Mama FC will face CF TFC Analamanga this Saturday in the capital and Zanakala will travel to Ambovombe on Sunday, for its match against ASJM Androy.

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