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Teachers from Río Negro were trained in Green Hydrogen

by drbyos

More than 50 teachers from 12 technical schools in Río Negro were trained in the “Green Hydrogen Experiment” project. The schools received educational kits to learn how to create a hydrogen cell in a technical-practical way (electrolyser), a challenge that the teachers will take their students to the classroom together. The training lasted five days..

The Ministry of Education of Río Negro and the Pampa Energía Foundation carried out the training with the support of the Balseiro Institute, the NGO 500 RPM and the company Siemens Energy. The initiative is part of the global “Experiment” program of the Siemens Foundation, which promotes the STEM approach (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in education through science experiences in the classroom.

The Balseiro Institute received more than 50 teachers from Río Negro technical schools for five days at its facilities. They complemented with training and visits to laboratories led by their technicians, engineers and academics.

The executive manager for the Siemens Foundation, Pablo Aldrovandi, expressed: “we are concerned and busy accompanying the training process of our students in technical schools, and for this reason we seek to train them through Innovative proposals about the relevant issues of the socio-productive universe of your regionin this case renewable energy and green hydrogen”.

“We believe that these virtuous circles that we generate with social organizations and business foundations enhance our impact to contribute to a better technical education in our province”, indicated the Minister of Education and Human Rights of Rio Negro, Pablo Nuñez.

The “Experiment” program is found in more than 780 schools across the country. It seeks to promote the approach of the youngest to science and technology, “through a federal and innovative look at the teaching and dissemination of scienceunderstanding the need to train more technicians and techniques to accompany the great technological developments of the country”, they marked from the foundation.

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