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Names of known premises. The final selection test, in two stages and which lasted four days at the Sports Palace, ended yesterday. The seven local table tennis players, three boys and four girls were known after the last day of the test. The three best ranked out of the twelve pre-selected in the running and who will represent the country at the island games are, among others, in order of ranking, Zonandrianina Razafindralambo known as Lino, Luciano Randrianantoandro and Riva Rakotoarisoa. The last two have just benefited from a high-level internship in China for four months. The double champion of Madagascar (2015, 2020), Lino recorded six victories in seven matches. He has already played three games of the Islands and won the team silver medal in 2019. The four players who validated the ticket for the adventure of the games of the islands are in this case Harena Dimbiarilanitra, Océane Rakotondrazaka, Fitia Rasoanindrainy and Santatra Raharijaona. Harena, the highest ranked, recorded four wins in five games of the second stage of the test. Doubles medalist in 2019, will play her fourth games. “They have a good level. There are still technical details to improve. They have the potential and I think that over time they will be on top” reassures the Chinese expert, Wang Haiang. Five expatriates will strengthen the national team, namely Fabio Rakotoarimanana, Antoine Razafinarivo and Jonathan Nativel for the boys, Hanitra Karen Raharimanana and Niantsa Randrianarisoa for the girls. Nativel will land first next week. The others will arrive around the beginning of August. Fabio and Karen will again represent the country at the Francophone Games in Congo Brazzaville at the end of July. The regrouping will begin on July 20 in Ankadimbahoaka.

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