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STRUCTURAL REFORMS – A master plan for the Public Treasury

by drbyos

Studious and festive. The “Treasure Day” organized yesterday at the International Conference Center of Ivato was the epicenter of the celebration of its sixtieth anniversary. During which, Andry Nirina Rajaofetra, Director General of the Treasury, announced the implementation of a master plan to be followed as the common thread of the activities of this entity for the years to come. Incidentally in his speech, he did not fail to recall “that upon his appointment, many did not hide their skepticism. But today, achievements have thwarted these prejudices. Just for the administrative formalities concerning personnel files, everything takes place with exemplary speed,” he said.

The employees who were honored yesterday. This “Memorable Day” was marked by the presentation of honorary distinctions to the beneficiary agents of the General Directorate of the Treasury, DGT, and the holding of a general assembly with the participation of agents from all over the country. An opportunity for those in activity to gratify the successive directors general of the Public Treasury and the agents admitted to retirement in 2022, on the one hand.


And on the other hand, an opportunity to recount the highlights of the past sixty years, and to present the perspectives in accordance with the current political and economic context. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Rindra Hasimbelo Rabarinirinarison, who came to honor this ceremony, reiterated the important place occupied by the Public Treasury on the country’s economic and financial chessboard. The challenges to which the Public Treasury is called upon to succeed remain the same. The securing of public funds, securities and securities, good financial and accounting governance of public bodies, and the development of financial services. Despite the economic and health crises experienced by the country, the DGT has always been involved in honoring its missions. These are based on the constant attention paid to the meaning of “accountability to the public” which requires full commitment from all agents and total transparency in their actions, underlined the supervisory minister.

For the future, the DGT will embark on a series of reforms that will lead it to its vision “Tahirimbolam-panjakana mivoatra, miasa mahitsy, anatin’ny mangarahara ary lavitry ny kolikoly” a modern and honest public treasury, working rigorously in transparency, far from corruption. A step towards the digitization of administrative procedures and the digitization of procedures relating to the repatriation of currencies, the strengthening of the security of the information system as well as the establishment of a single Treasury platform: these are the actions already initiated by the DGT in order to better serve users and meet the challenges set out.

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