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Strong criticism of Tanya Bertoldi for supporting Rolando Figueroa’s candidate in Cutral Co

by drbyos

The participation of the national deputy Tanya Bertoldi at the launch event for Rubén “Ojito” García’s campaign, a candidate for the mayorship of Cutral Co by Community garnered criticism from the former president and current congressman of the PJ, Luis Sagaseta. He blamed her for his lack of loyalty and accused her of “fragile memory” because he does not remember that Cutral Co It was the only city in which he won when he was competing for the bench in the Chamber of Deputies.

Sagaseta expressed himself about Bertoldi’s attitude, after the legislator’s participation in the proselytizing act that took place in Cutral Co. was known. In fact, Bertoldi sat next to the governor-elect, Rolando Figueroa and the local candidate, Rubén “Ojito” García, before the speeches began.

The PJ congressman explained that at the party congress held in Zapala, Bertoldi “asked for the autonomy of local councils.” While, the next day “he was shown campaigning with the opponents, in Cutral Co, mocking, in a chameleon attitude, from the Peronist comrades of the local council of that city, who decided to take Ramón Rioseco as a candidate ». I support that, on the other hand, the PJ has been doing it for decades, as he clarified.

He also told her that the fragility of her memory prevented her from remembering that when she ran for national deputy, the seat she currently holds «Cutral Co was in the only city in the province where he won, thanks to the Peronist comradesand mainly, to Ramón Rioseco».

Sagaseta reminded him that, on the other hand, in Centenario, where he lives and “they know her very well, Tanya Bertoldi came out fourth in the PASO».

Finally, Sagaseta pointed out that, beyond these attitudes, they will work for the Peronism of Neuquén.
“We will do it for our province and for our country. We will put our Argentina on the path of economic growth with social inclusion », she stressed. And they will do so within Union for the Homeland.

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