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Strike and marches in Neuquén, Cipolletti, Bariloche and Viedma

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This Thursday, in Neuquén and Río Negro, as in other provinces of the country, there is a strike that affects care in state agencies, hospital services and there are no classes. In addition, there was a march through the center of the city. In Roca, Route 22 was closed at the intersection with Route 6, but after noon the protest was lifted. In addition, there is a UTA strike that will affect the bus service in Roca and Bariloche.

The protest arises from a call for a national strike in solidarity with the teachers of Jujuy and in repudiation of the repression exerted by Governor Gerardo Morales. The gremios Unter, ATEN, ATE, Adunc, Apunc, Asspur, CTA, FUC and union and social organizations, they joined the measure of national scope.

The measure of force implies the suspension of classes, both at the initial, primary and secondary levels. In addition, it was confirmed that the protests affect the services in State institutions, in both provinces and mobilizations and roadblocks will be carried out.

Strike in Río Negro due to repression in Jujuy: no classes and roadblock in Roca

Río Negro will have another week marked by forceful measures. ATE, CTA and Unter, the unions of state workers and teachers, respectively, they joined a call for a national strike in solidarity with the teachers of Jujuy. It also arose in repudiation of the repression that is experienced in Jujuy, after the oath of constitutional reform in that province. There will be mobilizations throughout the province.

In Roca, around 8.30 the cut on Route 22 about 300 meters from the roundabout with Route 6. Until after noon, traffic was totally interrupted in that sector by protesters from ATE and CTA Río Negro who stood on the asphalt strip, set up a tent and lit some bonfires.

Rodrigo Vicente, general secretary of ATE Río Negro, spoke with RÍO NEGRO RADIO about the reasons for the protest on Route 22 in Roca. «The day responds to a national call for ATE throughout the country for the repression in Jujuy. The attendance of ATE Río Negro demonstrating us has been massive. This responds to a dictatorial way of conducting the destinies of a province and shows the guidelines of a political campaign, “he opined.

«We as ATE Río Negro and CTA Río Negro are in Viedma in the square in front of the Government House, we will march in the Civic Center in Bariloche and here in Fiske on the roads. The cut will be total until noon when we will hold an assembly to define how we continueif we free a hand to traffic, “he added.

Al noon, after 12:30 the traffic was released, Meanwhile, in the central streets, columns of protesters marched for the same claim.

On the other hand, the hospitals gathered in Asspur also launched the call for a national strike and they joined the mobilization in Roca. Its adherence implied the suspension of scheduled services and care. Only minimum guards will be guaranteed in Río Negro hospitals.

Adunc, one of the teachers unions of the National University of Comahue, also agreed to the measure and suspended classes in the chairs at the Roca headquarters.

From Unter Cipolletti they held a demonstration this Thursday in the El Fortín area. Also, to At 11 o’clock, the teachers’ union held a popular pot at the entrance to the city, at the roundabout of Route 151 and Route 22, without roadblocks.

In Bariloche, A large part of the state unions signed a flyer and called to march on the corner of Moreno and Onelli. Protesters demanded a communication from the councilors of Bariloche in repudiation of the repression in Jujuy

In Viedma the concentration was in the Plaza San Martín. Unter, ATE, SITRAJUR and social organizations protested against the repression in Jujuy.

Listen to Rodrigo Vicente, general secretary of ATE Río Negro in “En Eso Estamos”, by RÍO NEGRO RADIO.

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State strike, teachers and university students in Neuquén this Thursday

This Thursday, in Neuquén, as will happen in Río Negro and in other provinces of the country, there was an strike that affected attention in state agencies and there will be no classes. They joined the repudiation against the repression that took place in Jujuy.

The unions ATE, ATEN, Adunc and the Comahue University Federation (FUC) adhered to the measure of national scope.

The unions mobilized together with other social organizations. They gathered at 11 o’clock at the Monument to San Martín in the capital of Neuquén and marched through the capital center. ATEN indicated that it will also carry out sectional activities.

On the other hand, on Tuesday, the Neuquén multisector carried out a cut in the highway bridges “in support of the struggle of jujuy and against repression«.

UTA strike: how it affects the bus service

This Thursday, a 48-hour UTA strike began to demand a wage increase for drivers in the interior of the country. The measure affects in Río Negro the service that The Cooperativa 1 de Septiembre lends in Roca and Mi Bus, in Bariloche. In the case of Neuquenfrom the union they reported that the groups will function normally today.

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