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Spinning is fashionable in El Salvador

by drbyos

The toy for adults and children has returned. The Cinco Estrellas company seeks to conquer the Salvadoran public of all ages and rescue a traditional practice throughout the region that has been lost over time.

In conversation with Última Hora SV., Daniel Guillen, world spinning top champion explained that this traditional practice seeks to rescue the bond between parents and children outside of new technologies that, although they are not bad, isolates the youngest members of the home.

“The idea is to convey to children the concern of the game, the spinning top that allows for a bond between previous and current generations,” explains Guillen.

Cinco Estrellas will hold contests in schools and institutes from different municipalities to find out the best top player at a national level and among the prizes there will be shirts, balls and tops.

About the benefits of the game, it also highlights the development of motor skills, physical and mental coordination and entertainment. Another of the benefits of this toy is its affordable price that varies from $1.50 to $2.50. Among the types of top are: the Aztec, Dragon, Hold Stard and Cobra.

Competitors must develop skills to perform the five basic tricks: the Sleeper, the Shovel, the Rocket, the Boomerang and the Tunnel. Tops are for sale in stores, bookstores, toy stores and schools.

The game has been common throughout Latin America, however, now it is also conquering the European public regardless of age or gender.

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