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Snow surprised tourists on the border between San Luis and Córdoba

by drbyos

The snowwhich covered a good part of Neuquén and Río Negro in the last hours, arrived this Thursday until the Sierra de los Comechingoneswhich serves as a natural boundary between the provinces of saint Louis y Córdoba.

The climatic phenomenon was registered by the tourists who visited the area, on the eve of the winter holidays. Routes, cars and housethey were painted whitein a landscape that, although it has already happened, It is unusual for that part of the country.

The municipality of Merlothe San Luis town located at the foot of the mountain range, issued a statement announcing the security measures taken in the face of the snowfall and the recommendations for visitors who visit the sector.

According to local media reports, snow accumulated in quantity in the area of ​​the viewpoint of the sunwhich is located at the height of the mountains and is known, thanks to its ideal location, for its traditional sunsets.

The snow accumulated in the height of the sierras.

The snowfall recorded this morning surprised residents and visitors, although the forecast had already been known for a few days. Next to the flakes, the cold made itself feltwith a minimum that was located comfortably below zero degrees.

For his part, in the High topsentirely located in the province of Córdoba, drizzle, mist and frost were recorded, in addition to some snowstorm, but without accumulating on the ground.

With information from the Diary of Carlos Paz

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