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SLALOM YACCO MSA – Olivier Ramiandrisoa surprises Tovonen Jr

by drbyos

Asacm club driver Olivier Ramiandrisoa at the wheel of a Citroën C2 won the victory of the third round of the national slalom summit. The race was held this weekend in Bevalala.

Impressive feat. The pilot of the Asacm club, Olivier Ramiandrisoa outclasses the untouchable double champion of Madagascar, Juan Rakotojohary in the Slalom Yacco. The races that count for the third round of the Madagascar slalom and hill climb championship took place on the MSA circuit in Bevalala this weekend. Olivier, who drove a Citroën C2 instead of the usual Peugeot 306, especially shone during the second round on Sunday. Olivier, who was in second position at the end of the first race on Saturday with a time of 1:44.52 at start A and 1:45.38 at start B, surprised the irreproachable champion during the second race of the Sunday. He beat Tovonen Jr by 25 hundredths of a second with a cumulative time of 3:25.00. He finished the first fight of the second round in 1:42.61 and the second on the B circuit in 1:42.39. “The track has deteriorated compared to the first day. But I know it better after a few runs during the first day, so I was able to improve my time. In addition, we made a small adjustment and it paid off” emphasizes Olivier Ramiandrisoa. The former Subaru Impreza driver borrowed his cousin’s car this weekend. “The P306 suffered some damage after my last rally and was not restored in time,” he explains.

Top 3

“I struggled to get through the thick dust track part with my 1.6L. I tried to manage the skating and didn’t push too hard before reaching the gravel track,” he continues. The young FMMSAM driver, Juan Rakotojohary alias Tovonen Jr F at the wheel of his Renault Clio, settled for second place this time. He again mastered the situation on the first day of Saturday by completing start A in 1:44.77 and start B in 1:44.45. Yesterday, the double national champion again set a best time of 1:41.64 on track A and could only do better than 1:43.61 on track B. In the simultaneous start, “We both pushed hard and I lost. The car suffered due to track degradation. I tried to optimize everything on the trajectory but in vain” recognizes Tovonen Jr. The other Asacm driver, Fréderic Rabekoto on a Citroën C2 completes the podium by occupying third place on Saturday and keeping it on Sunday. The championship is thus relaunched for the top 3 after the two inaugural rounds, the first slalom in Ivato, the hill climb in Toamasina at the end of May and the third round in Bevalala. There are still three rounds left in the second half of the season.

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