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Skipper Kevin Escoffier reported to justice for sexual violence

by drbyos

The French Sailing Federation (FFVoile) seized the Paris public prosecutor on Friday about skipper Kevin Escoffier. The FFVoile told Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Tuesday June 13 that its decision concerns “facts that would be related to a sexual assault”according to a close source, which occurred in May with a young woman in the United States during a stopover for The Ocean Race. Kevin Escoffier, 43, announced that he was leaving the helm of his PRB-Holcim sailboat after discussing “an incident” with a member of his team, which occurred in Newport on May 15.

The federation initially turned to the sexual violence unit of the sports ministry, in charge of an administrative investigation. She then decided to take legal action directly by bringing into play article 40 which requires reporting of any offense or crime when an authority has knowledge of it. “Article 40 was triggered on Friday”learned AFP from the FFVoile. “We have no new elements to bring”we added.

“I made a number of phone calls which led me to believe that what was presented as an alleged incident was inappropriate behavior he allegedly exhibited towards a woman at a party”explained last week to AFP the president of the FFVoile, Jean-Luc Denéchau.

PRB-Holcim, with Kevin Escoffier as skipper, was first overall in The Ocean Race around the world since the start in January, before giving up first place in the 5e stage at american crew 11th HourRacing. He also won The Ocean Race in 2017-2018 and also has the Transat Jacques-Vabre 2005 to his name.

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