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Six tips to keep exercising during the winter

by drbyos

The cool days have arrived, low temperatures are forecast with the arrival of winter and outdoor activities are reduced. How can we do to maintain a sports routine during this season?

The first thing to keep in mind is the benefits that cold produces in the body when exercising, according to mindbodygreen:

– To start, cold improves metabolism.

– You get a increased performance and burn more caloriesas energy expenditure increases.

– Improves the emotional state, since the physical activity helps reduce stress by releasing endorphins.

Vitamin D levels increase in sunlightthis helps absorb calcium and contributes to the nervous, muscular and immune systems, according to medicine.gov.

Tips for training in low temperatures:

1. Warm up the body:

Many times you start exercising without warming up the muscles of the body, but it can cause injuries. That’s why, It is important to warm up cardiovascular and jointly the bodyeither indoors or outdoors.

According to Alonso Gutiez in a note from the magazine Hola“with low temperatures our body takes longer to warm up and it is advisable to warm up 10-15 minutes before the main part of the training and that the breaks between series are in a short space of time so as not to stay cold, in addition to following constant rhythms of medium / high work ”.

2. Dressing in three layers of clothing:

– Carry one first layer of clothing that absorbs moisture and perspiration.

– Then a thermal shirt to face keep the heat in the upper part of the body.

– Finally, bring a jacket Fine windbreaker to prevent the cold or rain from passing through.

3. Start exercising gradually

If before the arrival of winter a daily routine was carried out, it can be continued normally. Instead, if you start from scratch It is important to start small so as not to hurt the muscles.

Doing short routines of 20 to 30 minutes a day is a good way, then increase as the weeks go by.

4. Use sunscreen

Although the sun in winter is not as powerful as in summer, it can affect the skin. Protecting yourself with sunscreen will prevent further burns and headaches.

5. stay hydrated

despite the cold It is important to drink water before and after training because there is a chance of getting dehydrated just as much as in the summer. It is not advisable to drink juices or soft drinks during physical activity because they contain sugars.

6. Eating before and after

Every body is different, but It is important to eat before doing any sport so that the body has energy to spend. Also, eating after a workout can optimize the recovery process, nutritionist Katie Valdes told Nike.

The specialist recommends eating plenty of carbohydrates before and after exercising so as not to burn lean muscle tissue for fuel. You can eat fruits, vegetables, cereals rich in fiber or pasta. Also, it is important that the dish contains some protein such as fish, chicken, non-fat Greek yogurt, among other options.

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