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Sitrajur rejected the last official proposal

by drbyos

The Union of Judicial Workers of Río Negro rejected by a large majority the latest salary proposal of the Judiciary which, in line with the Executive, offered increases of 8% for June, 6% for July and 9% for August.

The offer was put to the consideration of the affiliates and they were counted 283 votes for rejection, 99 for acceptance and 3 abstentions in the assemblies of the four judicial circumscriptions. The biggest rejection was recorded in the second, based in Roca, where he went 115 to 11.

In the framework of joint negotiations, the Judiciary informed its workers that June salaries, which will be paid this Friday the 7th, will arrive with a rise of 5.6%.

From the union it was indicated that the result of the vote “It will be carefully evaluated in the coming days to determine the measures to follow. The various motions presented in each of the minutes will be taken into account to define the next steps.

While a call from the employer is expected before the start of the judicial fair.

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