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Shares of Argentine companies rise on Wall Street

by drbyos

After the announcement of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massaabout an imminent agreement with the IMF, the markets reacted today with strong rises.

The S&P Merval index rose 1.34% this afternoon and was located at 422,221.03 units after the half round in the Buenos Aires market, while The shares of Argentine companies on Wall Street registered an advance of up to 9%.

Los Papers from Grupo Supervielle and Edenor recorded increases of 5.03% and 4.89%, in that orderin the leading panel of the Buenos Aires stock market.

In the same tune, the ADRs of Argentine companies on Wall Street marked the majority of gains, in a day in which Edenor led that lot with a rise of 9%.

Good humor is also reflected in the bonds of the last debt exchange, in a day marked by waiting know the new agreement with the International Monetary Fund, as announced yesterday by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa.

Bonds trade up and down

In the fixed income segment, dollar bonds traded up and downwhile titles in pesos recorded increases of up to 1.9%.

Thus, the country risk fell 0.81% to 2,103 basis points.

How the blue dollar and the stocks are quoted

For its part, the official retail dollar was selling at an average of $268.28, with a rise of 19 cents compared to yesterday.

Meanwhile, in the stock market, the cash dollar with settlement fell 0.5% to $507.16, and the MEP dollar gained 0.6% to $482.41.

In the informal market, the so-called blue dollar was trading with a drop of one peso to $495.

Lastly, in the wholesale segment, the US currency was trading at $255.90, with an increase of 65 cents in relation to the previous closing.

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