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Sergio Massa celebrated the completion of the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline: “A historic work”

by drbyos

Sergio Massa, the Minister of Economy of Argentinaa, ruled today on the completion of the President Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline (GPNK), describing it as a “work that changes history”. Through his Twitter account, the official congratulated the workers who participated in the construction of this important project and highlighted their ability to meet the established deadlines.

“They said it was impossible to do it in eight months, but they and thousands like them made it possible”Massa expressed in his message, accompanied by a video in which a group of workers can be seen celebrating the completion of the work.

The GPNK is a large-scale gas pipeline that covers a total length of 573 kilometers, linking the Neuquén town of Tratayén, near Vaca Muerta, with Salliqueló, in the province of Buenos Aires. In addition, it crosses the provinces of Río Negro and La Pampa.

The opening of the fifth valve for the authorization and filling of kilometers 145 to 285 marked an important milestone in the project. The official inauguration is scheduled for July 9.. According to the government, this strategic infrastructure work will allow a greater distribution of natural gas and will help reduce dependence on energy imports.

According to projections from the Ministry of Economy, The inauguration of the gas pipeline will generate savings of approximately US$ 2.1 billion for the remainder of the year, thus covering a large part of the investment made by the State. In addition, an annual saving of US$ 4,200 million is estimated for the substitution of gas imports.

The construction of the GPNK also had a significant impact on employment, generating 48,800 jobs, both direct and indirect. This work not only implies progress in terms of infrastructure, but also promotes economic development and job creation in the country.

With the completion of the President Néstor Kirchner pipeline, the government will seek an important step towards greater energy autonomy and they hope that it will have a positive effect on the national economyl, reducing energy costs and promoting the competitiveness of industries.

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