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SAVA REGION – The opening of the green vanilla campaign soon

by drbyos

The start dates for the green vanilla campaign have been unveiled for the Sava region. The various players in the sector, plus the local authorities of this region met on June 30 to set the periods during which the marketing of the first green vanilla pods will be launched. A preliminary meeting which turns out to be necessary due to the vanilla flowering situations which are different depending on the geography. These date estimates were possible thanks to the studies carried out by the Regional Vanilla Flowering Observation Committee (CROF) which established this schedule. In the coastal areas, the campaign will open on August 7, while for the intermediate areas, the campaign should start on August 21. The mountainous area of ​​the Sava region will have to wait until September 17 before starting operations. According to the Ministry in charge of Industrialization, Trade and Consumption “green vanilla should reach 46.6% maturity by this time”.

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