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Sanz and Osuna turned themselves in and there are three detainees

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The other two defendants for the fraud with Neuquén social plans to whom the prosecution had issued an arrest warrant voluntarily surrendered in the Judicial City this afternoon, minutes before the detention control hearing began with the person who had already been arrested this morning, the former director of Social Development Plans, Ricardo Soiza. This is the former head of the Program Management department, Mark Osuna and of Nestor Pablo Sanzformer Director of Inspection.

Both arrived at the courthouse around 6:30 p.m. together with his defense attorney, Alfredo Cury. Immediately, a group of policemen approached them, informed them that they had an arrest warrant, and handcuffed them.

The prosecution will request that the three continue in pretrial detention for a term that would be between eight months and one year, due to the risk of obstruction. This afternoon’s hearing began only with Soiza, while tomorrow the procedure would be repeated with the new detainees. Then it went to a quarter intermission until Monday.

This early Thursday, five simultaneous raids were carried out, linked to the case investigating the million-dollar scam with social plans in Neuquén that was aired last year and for which more than a dozen people were charged in November.

Sanz and Osuna are accused of illicit association and were designated by the prosecutor’s office led by Pablo Vignaroli with the role of organizers, while Soiza was designated as the leader.

Prosecutor Pablo Vignaroli directed the raids that were carried out today in Faraón. Photo: Florence Jump.

Soiza’s defender resigned and the hearing was postponed

Ricardo Soiza’s private defender, the lawyer Alfredo Cury, also implicated in the case, resigned this afternoonso the defendant is now assisted by public defense. The defenders Raúl Caferra and José Maitini will assume this role, who requested a period of 72 hours to analyze the file.

Judge Lucas Yancarelli He accepted the request this afternoon, so it will only be defined next Monday for what period of time the former director of Social Plans will continue to be detained, whom the prosecutor’s office accused as head of the illegal association that committed the fraud.

Tomorrow is scheduled audience with Sanz and Osunawho gave themselves up this afternoon voluntarily, but the same thing is expected to happen this afternoon: that Cury resign as private attorney and the public defense must take the case, which will surely also ask for time until Monday.

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