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Santiago Maratea received the approval of the IGJ for the Independiente trust in Neuquén

by drbyos

Electric influencer Santiago Maratea and the General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ) They gave a press conference to clear up doubts about the collection that they carry out to pay the debt of Independiente and warned that the trust that was processed in Neuquén “provides transparency.”

“There was no controversy in the Maratea trust. Just a discrepancy. We deeply analyzed the contract. It’s all good and today at 10:30 a.m. legal registration was left”, remarked Ricardo Nissen, head of the IGJ.

«Everything that brings transparency to the collections that I do, I will agree that it be so, because I am responsible for a lot of money from many people and I sleep peacefully if everything is in order, that’s why we voluntarily present ourselves to IGJ»Maratea pointed out.

“It was totally enjoyable, nothing happened that generated any opposition or problem from any of the parties. It was very fast. I wanted to highlight how sometimes it can happen that the media can confuse with the intention of misinforming. The collection is very good and with this comes better than before. I did not know the number of fake trusts that are trying to be created and now I understand why they wanted to investigate, “added the influencer.

In addition, Maratea clarified the controversy over the amount that remains for him. «It is 5% as stated at the beginning. The $30,000 per month they are a payment plan and they are within 5%,” he said. The trust has already collected more than 876 million pesos.

“There was no controversy. only a discrepancy in some methodology, which was what led the trustee to take it to Neuquén. That caught our attention because we didn’t find any connection points. It seemed to us that he was from Buenos Aires and we had to intervene,” said Nissen.

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