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RUGBY-MADAGASCAR TOUR – The Makis roll Bristol

by drbyos

The Malagasy are in demonstration in front of the rugby players of the University of Bristol, during the seven-a-side rugby tournament played yesterday in Andohatapenaka.

As part of “Madagascar tour 2023”, students from the University of Bristol, from England, faced Malagasy players and the Makis national team of Madagascar rugby sevens, yesterday at the Makis stadium in Andohatapenaka. Of the four confrontations disputed yesterday, the Malagasy rugby players did not know any defeat and showed their technical ease in the handling of the ball. The observation is simple, the players of University Bristol Rugby CF (UBRFC) are not up to scratch. In the first match between Madagascar 1 and UBRFC 3, the local players won with a score of 54 to 5. Very heavy, the Bristol rugby players only showed their strength on the “pick and go” pick up the ball in a regroup and go straight ahead), but the Malagasy players, very quick in attack and very strong in the tackle, played without complex to lead 21-5 at the break. In the second half, the Malagasy show of force continued with four new tries. The final score was 54 to 5. The Malagasy national sevens rugby team, led by its coach Noé Mboazafy, alias Razily, won with the score of 35 to 12, in the third match against UBRFC 2. The score at the break was 14 to 5 in favor of Madagascar. “We were cautious at the beginning to gauge the opponents. Without underestimating them, the Bristol academics showed good phases of play that we can imitate, but the Malagasy players with their speed and their tackle made the difference with each possession. For Sunday’s match, a rugby union match, we will see how they will respond, ”says Razily.

Two gold medals

Marcel Rakotomalala, president of Malagasy Rugby, underlined the importance of international matches. “After the visit to Oxford University in 2018, where the Malagasy national team emerged victorious, thanks to the good understanding and collaboration with the British Embassy, ​​the Bristol academics came. It is a sign of confidence in Malagasy rugby and the current leaders. ” The president of Malagasy Rugby continues: “The level of these players from England is comparable to the federal 2 in Madagascar. You have seen how they have been abused by our players. This proves that the level of Malagasy players is good compared to them. This Madagascar tour 2023 is also part of the preparation of our two teams for the XI JIOI 2023 and I dare to affirm from now on that we will win the two gold medals at stake”, he concludes. With an age group of 19-23, Bristol players are in their force, but they lack experience compared to the Malagasy.

The results
Madagascar1 54-5 UBRFC3,
UBFRC1 14- 20 Madagascar5,
UBRFC2 12-35 Madagascar3,
UBRFC1 5-24 Madagascar423

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