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Rodrigo Buteler will announce his cabinet in November: Who is with him?

by drbyos

In the April 16 elections, Rodrigo Buteler was elected as Mayor of Cipolletti. His victory allowed Juntos Somos Río Negro to give continuity to the government in the city. Three months before the elections there is uncertainty about how the transition will take place between the current mayor Claudius DiTella and the elected mayor Rodrigo Buteler, and who will be the officials who will accompany him during his government.

In Cipolletti’s elections, Rodrigo Buteler won with 42% of the votes, the lawyer and former official of the provincial government, in the elections prevailed by a narrow margin (4 points) over the candidate of Change Rio Negro, Valeria LoCacciato. Undoubtedly, his triumph was driven by the support he received from the collectors who joined Juntos Somos Río Negro.

His victory in the municipal elections opens up a new panorama, and although Di Tella is already talking about a transition, the truth is that the formal meetings have not been heldand they estimate that they will begin after PASO.

On several occasions, the current mayor Claudio Di Tella was consulted by the transition of the municipal government and the answer was “everything is perfect”We meet with Rodrigo every week”.

However, the elected mayor, Rodrigo Buteler assures that for the moment “there are no news” and that the meetings have not been held. According to what he said, he will make his cabinet known only at the end of the year. There are some names around, but nothing is confirmed.

For the moment, the mayor-elect is not oblivious to the realities that occur in Cipolletti and this is how he could be observed after the river flooded, collaborating “as one more neighbor” until the time comes to govern.

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